Continued efforts opposite membership of “Kosovo” in Interpol

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A assembly was hold today, during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between a First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, Mr. Ivica Dacic, and a Minister of Interior of a Republic of Serbia, Dr. Nebojsa Stefanovic.

A mutual comment was done that a team-work between a dual ministries had been rarely successful so far, and that there were possibilities for a serve enhancement. The talks focused on specific modalities of team-work during a operational/technical level, and a skeleton for reaching agreements on extermination of visas with certain countries.

A sold shred of talks dealt with delay of concurrent efforts opposite a attempts by supposed “Kosovo” to turn an Interpol member.

They reviewed a activities undertaken so distant and discussed a possibilities of holding serve movement on this issue, that was of special significance in a context of safeguarding a government and territorial firmness of a Republic of Serbia and hostile a uneven attempts of supposed “Kosovo” to turn a member of general organizations, in defilement of a United Nations Charter and UN Security Council fortitude 1244(1999).

It was concluded to serve feature coordination between a dual ministries per this issue, in a entrance period.

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