Dacic: “Support of EU partner countries of a Central European Initiative is really critical to us”

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Statement by Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dacic during the Annual Meeting of a Ministers for Foreign Affairs of a Member States of a Central European Initiative (CEI), Minsk, 22 Jun 2017:

“Mr. Chairman,
Dear colleagues,
Ladies and gentlemen,

To start with, we would like to appreciate Minister Makei and Secretary General of a Central European Initiative, Ambassador di Vietri for a artistic liberality and well-developed classification of this Annual Meeting of a CEI Ministers for Foreign Affairs.

It is my pleasure to have a event now to attend in a sell of views on connectivity in a wider segment of Europe, a stream conditions following a vital roving movements, a rising certainty hazard to, and remodel of, a CEI, as a overpass joining a macro-regions of Europe.

For a prolonged time now, and in a final 5 years in particular, a Republic of Serbia, when prioritizing, has not renowned between a goals of inner reforms, European formation or informal cooperation. Through several connectivity projects and forms, Serbia has been operative on a widest probable infrastructural interconnectivity of this partial of Europe, with a aim of being means to paint a valid, tangible and rival region, both per roads of all forms and appetite independence.

“The Connectivity Agenda”, determined in a WB6 format within a horizon of a Berlin Process, is of sold significance to us. You are wakeful of Serbia’s priorities in this regard, deliberation that we have presented them regularly during several events. we would usually like to discuss one, that is a construction of Nis-Merdare-Pristina-Tirana-Durres motorway. Our expectations from a incoming WB Summit in Trieste also embody a allocation of additional appropriation for a doing of 3 petrify projects amounting to over EUR 60 million, that we presented to a EC as a priority.

At a many new China- CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries) Leaders’ Meeting, an agreement was sealed on a modernization of a existent railway and construction of high-speed railway joining Belgrade and Budapest, to run a initial ride use of this kind in a region.

The chair of a South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) has for some-more than 10 years successfully operated in Belgrade, and that should, naturally, be remade into a chair of a destiny Transport Community Secretariat and, holding into comment all a advantages of a location, Serbia has already submitted a candidature for a chair to a EC. This would safeguard a delay of a existent institutional team-work and a structure.

In together with all of a above, Serbia is actively participating in a Trans-Balkan Electricity Corridor plan amounting to EUR 162 million, a execution of that would safeguard interconnections of appetite delivery systems between Serbia and Romania as good as  between Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also ascent to high-capacity delivery lines within a Serbian appetite grid. These projects will intensely strengthen a appetite sell and appetite certainty in a region. Furthermore, preparations are also underway for a works on a Serbia-Bulgaria gas interconnection, and a side urges that a final preference on a appropriation of this plan be done as shortly as possible.

Through all these projects, Serbia is display willingness to bond with a neighbours, a wider segment and a rest of Europe.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In serve to a common plea of a stronger connectivity in a wider CEI region, a migrant predicament stays a sold plea confronting all of us. Despite a fact that over 1.4 million migrants transited a domain of Serbia in a past dual years and that there are over 7 thousand of them staying there during a moment, a fortitude has been confirmed interjection to unusual efforts, there have been no vital threats to stability, and Serbia’s diagnosis of migrants has via been in full suitability with general norms and standards. It is of essential significance to us that a doing of a EU-Turkey agreement not be suspended, so as to boost a turn of mutual cooperation, both during a identified emigration routes and in a wider Europe region, with a aim of overcoming this problem.

Considering that Serbia has been in a slightest enlightened situation, carrying in a domain a intensely incomparable series of migrants compared to other Western Balkan countries, we trust that a largest apportionment of a supports earmarked within a new special magnitude should be postulated to Serbia, quite in a context of an, during times, unsymmetrical diagnosis of a countries confronting this problem, depending on either they are EU Member States or not.

My nation is strongly committed to addressing intensity militant threats and all forms of aroused extremism and to, in team-work with partners worldwide, minister to their rejecting during regional, European and tellurian levels. Even nonetheless we were among a initial in a segment to advise of this problem, both in a context of Islamic radicalization and a domino outcome of a supposed Arab Spring, sadly it is usually now that a hazards of all manifestations of radicalism and a use of force in general relations, regardless of motivation, perpetrators and originators, are entirely understood.

Serbia is one of a twenty-five members of a United Nations Group of Governmental Experts tasked with ICT growth in a context of general security, and as a usually member state from a CEI segment it has been manifest in a efforts directed during anticipating tellurian solutions for building certainty among states and for substantiating general rules, norms and a formula of conduct. Serbia has clinging due courtesy to aligning itself with a EU’s Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy, whose priorities embody cybersecurity.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We can contend that CEI is a “bridge” between a European Union Member States, on a one hand, and claimant and aspirant countries that have not nonetheless assimilated a EU, on a other. Serbia considers intensely critical a membership of this informal initiative, providing a horizon for enhancing informal team-work and accelerated European integration, quite in a light of EU advent negotiations. In this respect, we cruise unusually critical a support of those EU Member States that are a CEI partner countries.

As one of a oldest informal initiatives in a continent of Europe, now bringing together 18 states, CEI is a informal beginning whose knowledge and repute can furnish a poignant combined value in a routine of joining European macro regions. Therefore, we am gratified to note that poignant efforts have been done to that effect.

Irrespective of other formats and organizations, CEI has defended a aptitude that will be, we strongly believe, usually endorsed by a rider of papers and a adoption of a new Plan of Action.

Locally, Serbia and a institutions, universities and polite multitude have entirely famous a ability of supports and CEI invitations for cooperation, as reflected in a vast response to a CEI Cooperation Fund’s Call for Proposals 2017.

I trust that, in a duration ahead, it will be required to make additional efforts to enhance a operation of activities, and safeguard CEI’s larger prominence as a high-level forum for discussions on domestic and sectoral mercantile issues. Therefore, we demeanour brazen to deepening team-work between a classification and other informal and tellurian actors, identical to what has already been determined with a UN and a EU. A good instance of a foregoing is a announced strengthening of team-work with a OSCE, and a corner projects that we support, as a nation wakeful of a significance of a organization’s margin presence. We serve trust that by augmenting supports and, possibly, particular contributions such as those that we, too, done in 2014, will capacitate a required strengthening of a CEI Fund for corner projects.

Serbia has famous a need for modifying inner CEI regulations, and supports a attempts to strengthen sectoral communication within a CEI horizon by additional ministerial meetings, whose themes would understanding with joining a wider segment in a areas of transport, customs, energy, and others that are deemed necessary. Serbia also has a transparent seductiveness in heightening team-work by inter-parliamentary fora. It has upheld a work of a Group of Experts for Guidelines review, and we wish that a formula will follow shortly.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In conclusion, we would like to praise a efforts done by a Republic of Belarus as nation now holding a CEI Presidency, expressing during a same time my best wishes for chairing a informal initiative, in a duration to come.

Thank you.”

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/about-the-ministry/minister/ministry-speeches/16650-dacic-support-of-eu-partner-countries-of-the-central-european-initiative-is-very-important-to-us