Dacic: “True and clever faith in a splendid destiny of family between Serbia and Slovenia”

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Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a opening of a Working Meeting, orderly by a Slovenian Business Club, on “Political and Economic Cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia and a Situation in a Region”:

“Your Excellency, Mr. Gasparic,

Esteemed members of a Slovenian Business Club,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my good pleasure to have an event to residence we this evening.

The pursuit of any Foreign Minister is to arise tighten and extensive family with as many countries as possible, travelling from a evident community to a wider sourroundings and a family with good powers. If resources so permit, this pursuit can be pleasing to a larger or obtuse extent, though it is always, though exception, a really obliged one.

I am gay that there are no open issues between a countries and there is also a long-standing certain trend in a cooperation, that is removing some-more successful and apropos closer and some-more different with any year passed. This was endorsed during my central revisit to Ljubljana on 22 Feb this year as good as in a meetings we had with my dear co-worker and crony Karl Erjavec on a fringes of countless ubiquitous and informal events, many recently in New York and before that in Bled, a venue of a many successful assembly of a Bled Strategic Forum so far.

Besides a domestic one, a mercantile discourse is modernized as well: a Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation convenes frequently – a 7th event was hold in Lubljana, on 25-26 Jan 2017. It is obvious that Slovenia is one of Serbia’s many critical trade and mercantile partners and, during a same time, one of a critical investors in Serbia with investments amounting to over one billion euro. Owing to a successful business by some-more than 600 Slovenian companies, over 35,000 persons in Serbia were means to land jobs. In further to Serbia being a pivotal investment end for Slovenian companies, we are quite speedy by a certain rising trend when it comes to Serbian companies’ investments in Slovenia.

Trade in goods, as one of pivotal indicators of a turn of mercantile relations, has also available a solid growth: in a initial 8 months of 2017 trade reached EUR 672.3 million, with exports from Serbia amounting to EUR 327.3 million (an boost of 16.9%) and imports amounting to EUR 345 million (recording a 2% rise). Considering that a trade between us amounted to EUR 910 million in 2016, a projection that it could strech one million euros this year appears to be fit – that was a idea set by a final corner event that a dual Governments hold so far.

The use of holding corner sessions of a dual Governments has proven to be frequency useful and a post of family between Serbia and Slovenia. The third event was hold in Belgrade on 23-24 Oct 2016, followed by a Business Forum that collected approximately 120 entrepreneurs from a dual countries. Not usually that a corner sessions of a dual Governments have contributed to a strengthening of high-level domestic dialogue, though these also benefaction an glorious event to jointly cruise what was achieved until that indicate and to determine on new petrify projects in a fields of economy, tourism, agriculture, energy, infrastructure and many more.

Taking into comment a mutual joining to a stretched and strengthened cooperation, we am certain that a next, fourth, corner event of a dual Governments, designed for early 2017 in Slovenia, will hoard even some-more success than a prior ones.

All of a above clearly indicated that a altogether family between Serbia and Slovenia have reached a turn that can offer as an instance of successful good-neighbourly team-work – that is frequency a box in a segment where some still tend to breathe new life into corpse of a past.

As regards Serbia’s opinion towards a stream developments in a region, we would like to indicate out that a critical seductiveness is to say informal fortitude and feature team-work in all areas. We are wakeful that usually such a segment can safeguard a tolerable growth of Serbia itself. For a part, Serbia has contributed and will continue to minister to a best of a abilities and in a constructive proceed to all a processes directed during a strengthening and encouragement of cooperation.

The European formation routine and processes of strengthening informal team-work and good-neighbourly family as good as carrying out reforms in a Western Balkans are mostly complementary. Sadly, in a past years, parallel with these processes, in certain countries of a segment opposing processes have been gaining movement as good – those of insistence on fulfilling particular interests to a wreckage of other states and team-work in general, though also during a responsibility of informal stability. Attempts during commanding such solutions are, with roughly no exceptions, directed directly opposite a interests of Serbia and Serbian people in a segment and in a proceed discordant to a suggestion of reconciliation.

Recent years we have witnessed a altogether confidence and domestic conditions during a tellurian and European levels apropos increasingly complex. The interloper and migrant crisis, a doubt brought about by Brexit, and also a dilemmas lifted by a contention on a destiny of a EU are rare hurdles confronting a European Union. Against this backdrop, it comes as no warn that a EU increase process is being marginalized. However, it needs to be pronounced that all of a aforementioned worrying developments within a EU, quite those clouding a membership viewpoint of claimant countries, fundamentally outcome in a swell of nationalism and a radicalisation of a domestic locus in many countries of a segment and also altogether worsening of a confidence and domestic conditions in this partial of Europe.

Despite all of these critical challenges, Serbia continues to do all in a appetite to say and strengthen a certain processes in a region. Through a totalled and constructive approach, Serbia has contributed and continues to minister to a decrease of relations, that was quite critical in a past year or year and a half, in that duration elections were hold in many countries of a segment – both parliamentary and presidential, mostly characterized by a flourishing jingoist rhetoric.

When it comes to a family in a region, Serbia has grown a form of a responsible, arguable and predicted partner with no “hidden agenda”. Serbia is good wakeful of a really critical and formidable slow problems of a past, hence a joining to solution all open shared issues by discourse with a neighbours, giving priority to a common future.

Distinguished guests, dear friends,

I would like to communicate my loyal and clever faith in a splendid destiny of family between a Republic of Serbia and a Republic of Slovenia. we am assured that we will together attain not usually in contributing to a contentment of a peoples and states, though also in enlivening others in a segment to approach their appetite and efforts towards building a improved destiny for all.

Thank you.”

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/about-the-ministry/minister/ministry-speeches/17021-dacic-true-and-strong-belief-in-the-bright-future-of-relations-between-serbia-and-slovenia