European Commission Enlargement Strategy confirms that EU recognizes increase to a Western Balkans as an practicable idea in a nearby future

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The residence of a First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during an spontaneous assembly of a EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs and claimant countries hold in Sofia (Gymnich)

“Ladies and Gentlemen,
Distinguished Colleagues,

I am really gratified to have nonetheless another event to have talks in a format enabling approach and frank sell of views among a EU Member States and claimant countries. we would like to appreciate Bulgaria, holding a Presidency of a Council of a European Union, a adjacent and accessible nation to Serbia, for organizing this assembly and a good efforts directed during creation a increase of a European Union to a Western Balkans once again one of a executive topics.
At a beginning, we would like to hold on a European Commission increase strategy. This request is critical for Serbia in many ways – a affirms that a EU recognizes a EU increase to a Western Balkans as a idea that can be reached in a nearby future; it also recognizes Serbia and Montenegro as a stream front-runners in this routine and provides a horizon within that a routine will rise in a years ahead.
We are wakeful of a fact that there were opinions within a EU that environment a timeframes would be counter-productive. Allow me to respectfully remonstrate with these views. There is no improved proclivity for domestic leaders, administration and adults of a nation than environment petrify timeframe for end of a vital routine to that we have all been strongly committed. we was Minister of a Interior of a Republic of Serbia when Serbian nationals were exempted from visa requirement for travels to a Schengen Area and we are all informed how enlivening that magnitude was for a delay of a European formation routine and inhabitant reforms. we am deeply assured that a highway map with a timeline for Serbian membership, with specific dates will have an equally certain outcome on a notice of a EU by a Serbian people.
The arriving EU-Western Balkans limit in Sofia will be a vital assembly during a top turn ever given a 2003 Thessaloniki Summit. We would like to see some-more of such meetings in a destiny with enlivening formula for Serbia and a segment as a whole.

My Government and a Ministry of Foreign Affairs that we am heading, are actively operative in sequence to strech a top probable turn of team-work with a EU in a confidence and invulnerability areas. Serbia’s appearance in EU missions in several hotbeds of crises around a universe – Somalia, Mali, Central African Republic, including Serbia’s important appearance in UN Missions – simulate a genuine enterprise to be famous as a arguable and convincing partner of a EU in predicament situations, pity a shortcoming in altogether European efforts to safeguard tellurian and informal assent and stability.
I am certain that we will determine that in a past years, Serbia has achieved a high turn of team-work in predicament situations such as a migrant crisis. we am also certain that many other aspects of a team-work including appearance in a EU HELBROC conflict group, team-work with a European Defense Agency, initiatives for appearance of municipal structures in multinational operations, attest to Belgrade’s transparent position that full EU membership is deliberate as a country’s inaugural unfamiliar process priority.
The transnational inlet of a stream confidence threats requires corner response of all actors, and we would like to echo that we might many severely count on Serbia in a context in a quarrel opposite hurdles including terrorism, tellurian trafficking, hybrid threats and proliferation.
The biggest confidence plea for Serbia is acted by a uneven stipulation of autonomy of Kosovo and a conditions in a Province that generated a array of confidence threats to a reserve of all citizens, temperament in mind a taste and assault to that a members of a Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija have been subjected given 1999 and threats to Serbian informative and chronological heritage. we would also like to remember that out of some-more than 200,000 diminished Serbs, usually 1.9 per cent returned to Kosovo and Metohija. Does anyone take caring of that? Serbia entered a discourse on a normalization of family with Pristina assured that what a adults of Kosovo and Metohija, as good as Albanians and Serbs in ubiquitous indispensable most, was a normalization of relations. In sequence to strech a Brussels agreement, Serbian domestic leaders have invested their pinnacle domestic credit in this dialogue.

Unfortunately, a largest partial of a agreement that we initialed as afterwards Serbian Prime Minister together with Hashim Thaci and Catherine Ashton has not been implemented for that Belgrade is not to be blamed. It is a expectancy that this will change in a nearby destiny so that a investiture of a Association/Community of Serbian Municipalities might safeguard confidence and viewpoint to a Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija. We shall continue a discourse in good faith for we trust that it is a required precondition to fortitude and confidence in a region.

As for shared disputes, it is EU’s position that it does not wish to import instability and that final solutions should be found before accession. However, we have to note that this has order has not been reputable so far. There is a outrageous limit brawl between Slovenia and Croatia. How come this order has not been reputable then?

On a other hand, we would like to ask all colleagues to honour a corner EU position. It is positively counter-productive that some Ministers of Foreign Affairs send conceited messages to Belgrade that it has to commend unilaterally announced autonomy of Kosovo and Metohija.
I would like to remember that this is a uneven act and that Serbia is prepared to rivet in a discourse to strech a durability resolution though that is not what we in EU wish to hear, carrying in mind a significance of Kosovo for Serbia. Do not insult or disparage us. We are in preference of agreement, though agreement implies respecting a interests of both sides. We shall, as before, continue to deposit efforts towards a final resolution directed during achieving assent and fortitude in a region.
Thank we for your attention.”

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