Minister Dacic and Jacek Czaputowicz

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Ivica DacicStatement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a opening of a Second Belgrade Conference:

“Distinguished guests,
Dear colleagues,

I would like to open a Second Belgrade Conference, together with Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Poland Jacek Czaputowicz. May we remember that a Conference is a singular form of cooperation, as a follow-up to a prior one hold in Warsaw, a year ago. The Conference – primarily directed during exchanging believe between member of opposite institutions of a dual countries in a routine of Serbia’s EU advent negotiations, is a special format whereby we have enriched a cooperation, as good as insincere sold shortcoming for a state of a shared relations.

It is my pleasure to have a event to work together with you, Minister Czaputowicz, to raise team-work between a dual countries.
The family between a countries are extensive and good, and we trust and trust that a unchanging domestic discourse on a high and top levels, and a willingness to serve strengthen a team-work between a dual countries will continue via your tenure of office.

Over a past years, a Republic of Poland has turn an critical mercantile partner of a Republic of Serbia. we am assured indeed that we will make your best efforts to strengthen and step adult a dynamics of a mercantile relations, and that an augmenting array of Polish companies will find an seductiveness to deposit and do business on a Serbian market. Given a willingness on a possess partial to minister significantly to that end, as good as a mutual efforts and your personal engagement, we am assured that we will not tumble brief of a results.

I would like to take this event to underline, this time again, that EU membership is a inaugural vital priority of a Republic of Serbia. The trail towards membership of a European Union is a ancestral event for modernization and change, in line with a European values and standards. The fact that a Balkans and a EU need any other is a essential summary of a Sofia Summit. Today’s generations of European leaders have a good bargain of a significance of a European viewpoint for a mercantile growth and stabilization of a Balkans, in a same approach that Serbia understands EU membership as a approach of essentially changing and modernizing a multitude and state. we serve wish to impute to a significance of certain messages of a Enlargement Strategy indicating an estimate date for Serbia and Montenegro, as countries now famous as front-runners in this process, so giving a certain procedure to a acceleration of inner reforms.

On a other hand, by addressing a formidable emanate of Kosovo and Metohija by discourse between Belgrade and Pristina, a Republic of Serbia has been committed, from a outset, to reaching a compromise, only and durable solution, that will positively minister to a fortitude and confidence of a whole segment and Europe. Our efforts are directed during ensuring conditions in Kosovo and Metohija for a normal life of all people, irrespective of their nationality. In this respect, a support of your nation is quite critical and profitable to us.

Distinguished participants,
Dear guests,
I entice we to lend support by your experience, believe and goodwill, that we have been demonstrating from a beginning. we am assured that this Conference will yield a organisation substructure for bargain and exchanging experiences, both certain and negative, in a array of destiny meetings that are to move petrify results.

Dear Minister,
In conclusion, we have a pleasure to acquire we to a country, anticipating that we will be means to assure yourself of a truth of stories about Serbia – famous for a hospitality.

Thank we for your attention.”

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