Minister Dacic and Secretary General of a Nordic Council Høybråten plead informal cooperation

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First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic met currently with a Secretary General of a Nordic Council, Mr. Dagfinn Høybråten, who is visiting Serbia.

Minister Dacic forked out that a Nordic indication of team-work was a singular instance of clever informal team-work and that a knowledge could offer as an instance to a Western Balkan states to bond as Nordic states, during slightest in certain segments. He emphasized that Serbia’s pivotal priority was confirmation of informal team-work and good-neighbourly process that was because it instituted additional strengthening and softened mercantile ties among a informal states.

Secretary General Dagfinn Høybråten thanked for a considerate talks and settled that during his revisit to Serbia he was means to see that there were some-more similarities between a Western Balkans and a Nordic segment than he had formerly thought. Speaking of a certain knowledge of Nordic team-work in a context of informal team-work in a Balkans, he forked to a significance of building a family of trust and identifying intensity areas for cooperation.

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