Minister Dacic during a promise rite by Honorary Consul Dragan Markovic, Embassy of Greece

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Honorary Consul Dragan MarkovicAddress by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a promise rite by Honorary Consul Dragan Markovic during a Embassy of Greece in Belgrade:

Dear Ambassador Eliadis,
Dear Mr. Markovic,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear guests,

It is an honour and pleasure for me to acquire we here today, on seductiveness of a Government of a Republic of Serbia, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and myself, and to appreciate we for mouth-watering me to attend a promise rite by a Honorary Consul of a Hellenic Republic to a Republic of Serbia, Mr. Dragan Markovic.
I wish to underline with pleasure a traditionally accessible and really good family with Greece, also endorsed by an strong and continued discourse on all levels. The Hellenic Republic is a critical partner, an EU and NATO member state, strongly ancillary a EU formation routine of Serbia as good as a refuge of a territorial firmness and government in Kosovo and Metohija. Greece advocates graduation of informal team-work with Serbia and other countries of a Western Balkans.
Greece is one of a heading investors in a Serbian economy. Higher levels of mercantile team-work are really many grown (200 corner ventures). As regards a financial sector, 4 Greek banks take 15% of a banking marketplace in Serbia. Greek businessmen are meddlesome in aiding a opening of a Serbian economy on a EU marketplace and in holding advantage of a special mercantile ties between Serbia and Russia by corner ventures. Cultural team-work is also being grown during a energetic speed. Greece is a many renouned traveller end for Serbian visitors. Our diaspora has around 8,000 members, a infancy of whom live in Athens and Thessaloniki.

I wish to stress that a investiture of a consular post of a Hellenic Republic in Jagodina, headed by an titular consular officer with office over Pomoravlje, Rasina, Sumadija and Branicevo districts, will give an additional procedure to a intensification and enlargement of team-work between a Republic of Serbia and a Hellenic Republic, quite in a areas of trade, investment, tourism, culture, education, scholarship and technology. The activities and attempts of a Honorary Consul of a Hellenic Republic in Jagodina will serve enlarge sell of information between a dual countries and strengthen a ties between a dual peoples as good as urge a peculiarity of consular protection. Honorary Consul Dragan Markovic has served as Mayor of Jagodina given 2004. His United Serbia celebration is a bloc partner of a Socialist Party of Serbia. Mr. Dragan Markovic has been businessman for some-more than 35 years and owns a association traffic with transportation, automatic engineering and trade, contracting some-more than 100 people, and Palma Plus TV station. He perceived an endowment as a best businessman of a Republic of Serbia in 2004 and a best Yugoslav manager in 1995. He binds vital general awards, including a pretension of Honorary Citizen of a city of Katerini in Greece, that was conferred on him on 28 Aug 2015, and a Honorary Senator of a Senate of Economy of Serbia, founded in partnership with a Senate of Economy of Austria. Since 2004, a city of Jagodina, led by Dragan Markovic, has gifted an mercantile and infrastructural reconstruction and turn a heading tourist, economic, sporting and preparation centre in this partial of Serbia, a city with a best gratification programme, famous over a borders of a country.

Knowing a Honorary Consul as a chairman and a fact that a family between a Republic of Serbia and a Hellenic Republic are abandoned of any superb issues, we design that Mr. Markovic, as a matter of priority, will concentration his activities on revitalizing a mercantile team-work as good as a team-work in a areas of tourism and growth of informative and sports ties between a dual countries.

The investiture of an titular consular officer has a abounding tradition and is of good significance in a tactful and consular family of a Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Serbia has 75 titular consuls abroad, including Greece with titular consular posts in Corfu, Cephalonia and Volos. The consular post in Volos started to work on 15 Sep 2018. Also, in Mar 2018, an beginning was launched to settle one some-more Consulate of Serbia in Greece, headed by a Honorary Consul with a chair during Heraklion, Island of Crete.

27 consulates of unfamiliar countries headed by titular consular officers have been determined in a Republic of Serbia. Honorary consuls are mostly businessmen, distinguished lawyers, academics, informative professionals as good as people of other occupations. As a rule, they are all persons reputable in their possess communities, who have supposed on a intentional basement and with a best of intentions to perform these obliged duties.

I am assured that a Honorary Consul of a Republic of Greece in Jagodina, Mr. Dragan Markovic, will minister to a graduation of a discourse on emanate of mutual seductiveness as good as to a investiture of closer ties and team-work between a Republic of Serbia and a Republic of Greece.

Dear Mr. Markovic,
I wish you, once again, each success in your work.

Thank you.

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