Minister Dacic attends grave tact of United Nations Day

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic attended a rite of imprinting a United Nations Day in Belgrade, and addressed UN and a specialized group representatives, members of a tactful corps and many other guests.

On that occasion, Minister Dacic underlined a Organization’s pivotal purpose in a areas of counterclaim general assent and security, honour and insurance of tellurian rights, ensuring freedoms and equality, amicable and mercantile development, and called for strengthening a purpose in confronting a tellurian problems of today. He serve forked out a appearance of a Republic of Serbia, as a heading nation in a segment and eighth in Europe in terms of UN peacekeeping missions, and a significance of a adoption of a 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and a Paris Agreement on Climate, as good as a need for reaching a extensive fortitude to a interloper and migrant predicament on a European and tellurian levels, emphasizing Serbia’s solidarity, consolation and benevolent opinion while providing for them in a territory.

The Serbian Foreign Minister assessed that Serbia’s appearance was critical in a routine of choosing of a UN Secretary-General, that contributed to a larger general visibility, and voiced his self-assurance that UN Secretary General-designate Antonio Guteres would step adult a common efforts of Member States in a routine of seeking solutions to a hurdles that a universe is facing. Minister Dacic also voiced compensation during a Serbian Government preference to capacitate operation of a UN House that would yield premises for all agencies of a UN system.

Minister Dacic underscored that Serbia would continue a joining in counterclaim of general law, a government and territorial firmness guaranteed underneath UNSC fortitude 1244 (1999) and a insurance of a inhabitant interests in Kosovo and Metohija, and that discourse and pacific fortitude of all issues applicable to Serbian and Albanian communities were a solitary approach of reaching a concede and durability solution.

Full content of a residence delivered by Minister Dacic is given below:

“Madam Miculescu, Madam Vojackova Sollorano,

Minister Joksimovic,

Minister Djukic-Dejanovic


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am severely gratified to have a opportunity, that has already turn traditional, to residence we and honour we on a United Nations Day, a arise when it is quite critical to underline a essential purpose played by a concept classification in a complicated world. This pertains essentially to a areas of counterclaim general assent and security; a honour and insurance of tellurian rights; practice of freedoms and equality, as good as mercantile and amicable development. Moreover, this is a time to re-examine and ask ourselves either we are amply contracting a best efforts to forestall a predicament of people in a universe during large. In this way, we will reaffirm a grant of a universe Organization as a solitary multilateral resource to a feat of durability peace, dialogue, expulsion of misery and creation it probable for all nations to live in dignity. Irrespective of a record of accomplishments, a UN is indispensable currently roughly as many as during a time of a inception, a aptitude being incontestable.

Serbia is unapproachable to be among a founders of an general classification of emperor states that has been behaving and portion for some-more than seventy years, as a concept height for pacific dispute resolution, sell of views and positions of Member States on a inclusive operation of issues applicable to a life of people. The United Nations gives a possibility to peace, equality, probity and development.

Last year, on a arise of a tact of a 70th anniversary of a existence, we had an event to see an muster reflecting a abounding and concrete story of family between Serbia and a United Nations. It is on these foundations that Serbia wishes to build a purpose and to minister in a future, desiring in a strengthening of a United Nations and a taking-on a some-more distinguished purpose in addressing tellurian problems, providing for a some-more thorough tellurian governance system. As a heading nation in a Western Balkan region, Serbia is also really unapproachable to stress a continued joining to a counterclaim of assent and peacekeeping by appearance in UN peacekeeping missions world-wide, as a eighth nation on a list of European countries contributing a largest series of troops and military personnel. Taking partial in a missions in Lebanon, PR Congo, Liberia, Cyprus, Cote d’Ivoire, Central African Republic and Golan, Serbian peacekeepers are safeguarding a polite race on a daily basis, so creation a specific grant to general assent and security.

The year  that upheld between a prior UN Day and currently was characterized by ever-present conflicts, grave and inclusive effects of multi-dimensional and inter-related crises, amicable tensions, militant acts, comfortless plights and  by maturation hurdles that have turn some-more complex, lifting regard for a future. At a time of immeasurable changes, turbulences and flourishing inter-dependence when all a regions of a universe are influenced by their impact, it is a avocation and common shortcoming to minister to anticipating a solution. The adoption of a 2030 Sustainable Peace Agenda, and a Paris Climate Agreement are a vital stairs in rebellious a many critical hurdles of currently – tellurian mercantile instability, flourishing amicable inequality and a effects of climatic change.

We have been confronting a migrant and interloper predicament of charitable and confidence proportions that go over one nation or region. Through a oneness and consolation demonstrated, and an adequate diagnosis supposing for accommodation of refugees and migrants, Serbia has led by instance in tenure of amiability and shortcoming in resolution a common problems. However, we trust that additional efforts need to be done in assembly this critical tellurian plea and anticipating a extensive fortitude during both European and UN levels. Rest positive that a Republic of Serbia will sojourn to be a arguable partner truly committed to a doing of all jointly done arrangements and goals laid down.

Furthermore, a prior duration has also been dominated by a new preference of a new Secretary-General of a United Nations, a routine in that Serbia had a honour and payoff to take a distinguished part. We are beholden to a immeasurable series of countries for carrying extended their support to a nominee, so contributing to a larger prominence of Serbia during a general level. we am assured that a newly allocated Secretary-General, Mr. António Guterres, and his immeasurable knowledge and loyalty would almost assistance to serve a strengthening of a purpose played by a United Nations, as good as a processes directed during responding to many hurdles a universe has been confronting today.

It is a good pleasure to underline that a preference done by a Serbian Government has instituted a operation of a UN House and that we are energetically looking brazen to a grave opening in a participation of UN officials. We wish that a final chronicle of a five-year Development Partnership Framework between a Republic of Serbia and a UN will shortly be signed, giving additional procedure to a efforts in a context of all-embracing reforms carried out in a society, improving a customary of vital of a race and a European formation process.

The Republic of Serbia stays strongly committed to a functions and beliefs enshrined in a Charter of a United Nations. We are dynamic to guarantee general law, including United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) that protects a government and territorial firmness of a country, also fortifying a inhabitant interests in Kosovo and Metohija. We will continue to conflict attempted abuse by Pristina as good as their uneven actions, assured that discourse and pacific allotment of all issues of significance for Serbian and Albanian communities are a usually trail heading to a concede and durable solution.

I would also like to take this event to demonstrate my thankfulness to a Representative of a UN Secretary-General and Head of a UN Office in Belgrade, Simona-Mirela Miculescu, and to a UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Serbia, Irena Vojackova Sollorano, for a efforts done in a opening of their duties in a country. we am assured that a Republic of Serbia can count on your loyalty and support in a destiny as well.

Thank we for your attention.”

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