Minister Dacic attends a OSCE Mediterranean Conference in Malaga

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Ivica Dacic - OSCE - MalagaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic attended a OSCE Mediterranean Conference on team-work between a OSCE participating states and a Mediterranean partners in a areas of appetite and environmental protection.

The discussion was hold in Malaga and collected pivotal experts in appetite and open and private sectors, on both sides of a Mediterranean, to plead policies, rise strategies and commend business opportunities.

Minister Dacic voiced pleasure that a concentration of this year’s Mediterranean Conference was on anticipating ways and means to use appetite as precedence for a graduation of mercantile expansion and general team-work in a Mediterranean region.

It was forked out that a growth of purify technologies and renewable appetite technologies could emanate new opportunities and that renewable appetite currently represents pivotal resolution for a hurdles of appetite supply, confidence and meridian change.

It was underlined in sold that a confidence in Europe was closely associated to confidence in a Mediterranean as a whole, while a issues of economy, appetite and a sourroundings are increasingly critical factors in a Euro-Mediterranean confidence equation.

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