Minister Dacic delivered keys to a prefabricated residence to a 1000th end-user of a Regional Housing Programme in Serbia

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Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic delivered currently in Pancevo keys to a prefabricated residence to a 1000th end-user of a Regional Housing Programme in Serbia.

Minister Dacic, as Chair of a Commission for coordinating a routine of permanent interloper integration, delivered a keys to Ms Milosava Gnjatovic, who perceived a residence underneath a Subproject 2 of a Regional Housing Programme.

Minister Dacic underlined that so distant over EUR 100 million was earmarked for a allotment of a emanate of housing for refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia in Serbia.

“Yesterday we had a assembly of a RHP Steering Board when a serve EUR 19 million was allocated for a fortitude of this issue. The EU is a largest donor, though also participating are states such as a U.S., Germany, Italy. Furthermore, a whole routine is overseen and assisted by a OSCE Mission, UNHCR and a Council of Europe Development Bank.”

Minister Dacic thanked a donors and invited them to continue their cooperation, saying that there were 7000 some-more families with a emanate of housing still unresolved.

Minister Dacic removed that works were underway during several locations in Serbia, reiterating that over EUR 100 million was set aside towards a fortitude of this problem and voiced his wish that in a following several years housing would be supposing to other persons with interloper status.

Minister explained that these were in fact non-refundable grants, observant that a state authorities were addressing this emanate together with internal authorities in several ways, by building flats, houses as good as distributing construction element and extenuation pieces of land.

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