Minister Dacic had talks with Markus Ederer

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Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently in Belgrade Secretary of State to a German Federal Foreign Office Markus Ederer.

In a talks, both sides estimated that a shared family were really good and characterized by complete team-work in all areas, unchanging high-level discourse and a consistent ceiling trend. Economic team-work was an critical shred in a dual countries’ relations, that was really good and had a intensity for serve expansion and a bent of expansion in a value of unfamiliar trade.

The Head of Serbian tact thanked for a support and assistance that Germany supposing so distant to Serbia’s European formation process, expressing wish that Germany would continue to lift a weight behind Serbia’s remodel efforts being sufficient valued in a EU.

Markus Ederer underlined that a shared family with Serbia were of good significance to Germany, given it deliberate Serbia a pivotal partner in a region.

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