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Ivica DacicThe residence of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a rite of handing over a keys of 40 apartments to refugees in Sremska Mitrovica:
“Dear guests.
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am severely gratified that we have collected here now roughly a year and a half after we jointly laid a substructure for a construction of 40 apartments, on 17 Mar final year. For me personally, this day has a mystic definition given evokes pleasing memories of a good success that we have jointly achieved in such a brief duration of time. This polite engineering and urbanistic delight will capacitate people to build their lives on totally new foundations. we would like to prove to a fact that these 40 apartments paint initial housing units from Sub-project II of a Regional Housing Program and that is accurately what creates me unapproachable of a today’s success. And not usually that. These apartments will be done accessible to a many socially exposed shred of a population, to a associate nationals who are refugees and who are confronting special problems and many formidable hurdles in life.

The construction of 40 apartments on this site was partly financed by a Fund of Regional Housing Program, in a volume of 680 thousand EURO and also in vast partial by a inexhaustible grant of a city of Sremska Mitrovica. we would like to demonstrate special thankfulness to a Mayor Vladimir Sanader given this municipality done a land accessible for these apartments including required infrastructure, in sum value of approximately 14.5 million RSD.

I would like to remember that within Sub-project II, we are now building 200 apartments in 9 cities. The conditions varies during these construction sited – flats are in opposite construction phases: it is possibly due to start, or a keys for some flats are to be given out soon, while in some cases it will occur in a few months. But we are positively removing there. Other forms of housing solutions underneath a subproject valued during some-more than 13 million EUR are roughly totally finished – 250 encampment houses were bought off in 20 units of internal self-government, 120 prefabricated houses were built in 28 units of internal self-government and 9 Belgrade municipalities and many of a 330 packages of construction element were delivered.

I would like to take this event to prove a significance and a joining to solution a interloper issue. First of all, it is a longstanding, strenuous and formidable process, though not an unfit one, as we can see today. we cruise that we all determine that refugees who were forced to leave their homes in a finish of final century via former Yugoslavia, merit certainty and life in grace after some-more than 20 years vital as refugees and vital conditions undeserved of group in a 21 century. That is given a Government of a Republic of Serbia along with other partners stays resolutely committed to and intent in implementing a Regional Housing Program that will safeguard housing for 6000 families in Serbia. So far, 2000 have been supposing for.

The Government of a Republic of Serbia invests outrageous resources and efforts in sequence to assistance all replaced persons. That is a formidable charge given in further to refugees from former SFRY some-more than 200 thousand IDPs from Kosovo and Metohija found retreat in Serbia.

We should not remove steer that ensuring housing is not adequate in itself, given a idea is to safeguard a sustainability of a Program. First of all, we impute to amicable and mercantile conditions for a tolerable lapse or formation of refugees in society. That is given cruise that it is really critical that all participating states in a Program should entirely exercise a Sarajevo process. Successful doing of a Program and good team-work of a informal countries supplement to a significance of a Regional Housing Program. It transcends state borders and demonstrates that by team-work and corner efforts, if there is will, tolerable and durability solutions for a needs of a refugees can be found.

In a end, we would like to appreciate in sold all those who famous a significance of a Program and contributed to a growth and swell – European Union, USA, Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary and all other donors whose names we would not like to omit. Of sold significance is a support of a UN High Commissioner for Refugees and OSCE to a doing of a Program. The purpose of a Council of Europe Development Bank in handling Trust Fund is unavoidable.

I am unapproachable of all participants in a doing of a Regional Housing Program and we wish that in a duration forward we shall take partial in many some-more events like this.

I wish we a lot of complacency and success.

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