Minister Dacic: „I wish that this Japanese cherry freshness tree will grow and widespread a branches along with a strengthening of Serbia

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Dacic planting a Japanese cherry freshness treeAddress during a rite of planting a Japanese cherry freshness tree in front of a Museum of Yugoslavia:

“Your Excellency Ambassador Maruyama,
Mr. Nishiura,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends,

A new tree is always of mixed significance, reflecting a energy of symbolism, longevity, life force and vitality.

However, today’s rite of planting a initial out of thirty Japanese cherry freshness trees in a area in front of a Museum of Yugoslavia is of additional importance. It is holding place in a year that is intensely critical for family between a Republic of Serbia and Japan, a year that commenced in a best probable approach by a ancestral revisit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to a Republic of Serbia. The revisit has given a clever procedure and combined new opportunities for a serve encouragement of team-work between a dual countries in political, economic, informative and other areas.

Also of good stress is a fact that an critical corner preference was done this open by Serbia and Japan to settle 1882 – a year of initial tactful association between Prince Milan Obrenović and Japanese Emperor Meiji – as a “Year of Friendship between Serbia and Japan”.

This year, formed on a thought of Prime Minister Abe, a “Initiative for team-work between Japan and a Western Balkans region” was also launched, within that initial stairs have been taken, and to that Serbia attaches good importance.

As a outcome of a revisit to Serbia by a Japanese Prime Minister, whose commission comprised 16 many comparison officials of heading Japanese companies, Serbia and Japan achieved really critical formula in a area of mercantile cooperation. The seductiveness of Japanese companies to seem on a Serbian marketplace is growing, critical new business contacts have been established, while some Japanese companies have done uninformed initiatives on a market. Japanese companies and investors, famous for their diligence, joining and high professionalism, are acquire in Serbia, and we mount prepared to yield a assistance in their new business undertakings.

I quite wish to underline that, notwithstanding their geographical remoteness, a Serbs and a Japanese maintain their high honour for any other, sympathies and an seductiveness to learn about their particular informative birthright and tradition. These special ties move a dual peoples closer together, opening a avenues to a strengthening of their altogether cooperation.

Serbian and Japanese peoples were side by side during formidable junctures. we take this event to demonstrate my surpassing thankfulness for Japan’s well-developed oneness and assistance to a people of Serbia in a past dual decades. Serbian people will not forget that.

I wish that this Japanese cherry freshness tree will grow and widespread a branches along with a strengthening of Serbia – Japan loyalty and cooperation. we trust and trust that, in a duration ahead, there will be many some-more critical top-level visits, even some-more complete team-work in all areas, along with a domestic dialogue, characterized by understanding, oneness and mutual respect. Serbia will be truly committed to these goals in a future.
Thank you.”

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