Minister Dacic in Bosilegrad talks to a Prime Minister of Bulgaria

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bosilegrad 1First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently Prime Minister of a Republic of Bulgaria Ognyan Gerdzhikov.

First Deputy Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, in his ability as Envoy of a Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, and a Prime Minister of Bulgaria, laid wreaths during a Vasil Levski Monument.

Earlier today, a dual officials non-stop a 24th International Easter Festival Exhibition “World Children’s Picture Contest”.

On a occasion, Minister Dacic quite underlined that it gave him pleasure to see how children of opposite nationalities collected together in Bosilegrad, display all a beauty of farrago and likeness of their peoples’ traditions, by play and art. The Serbian Foreign Minister also wished that a tradition of holding this eventuality be long-standing and successful.

Wreath-laying rite during a Vasil Levski Monument: Remarks by Minister Dacic

“Your Excellency Mr. Prime Minister,

Dear residents of Bosilegrad,

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have collected here currently during a relic to Vasil Levski, a famous Bulgarian inhabitant hero, to compensate loyalty to him and his work.

Not usually are we entertainment in his home nation of Bulgaria, though we are also doing so in Belgrade, Dimitrovgrad and Bosilegrad. These gatherings are holding place on an annual basis, in February, as we are commemorating a anniversary of his genocide and remembering a magnanimous ideas of this insubordinate and ransom warrior from a Ottoman period.

Today, we are celebrating a couple between those times and a partial of a common history, where heroes like Levski occupy a cool place. Justice and law are a ones that always emerge winning in textbooks, in a informative and chronological birthright and, of course, in monuments that keep alive a memory of all those who shielded leisure and dignity.

Allow me, on this occasion, to remember that we had a honour and pleasure to betray a relic to Vasil Levski in Dimitrovgrad, in Feb 2014, with my afterwards counterpart, Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski.

Dear friends,

The freedom-loving aspirations of heroes such as Vasil Levski offer as a sign not usually of a cost paid by a peoples in their onslaught for freedom, though also of a values that a peoples of Serbia and Bulgaria share in common.

From this place, we remember that bravery and friendship designate freedom, and that conflict and assault multiply violence. It is a avocation to safety assent and to build swell by good will, discourse and mutual respect.

Therefore, it is critical for us to delight team-work and quarrel for serve growth and wealth of a states. To quarrel for a brighter destiny of a adults and a children. we trust that we all have a requirement to palm down to a destiny era better-regulated, some-more stable, some-more approved and some-more passive societies.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Republic of Serbia continues to strongly support strengthening of family and full trust between states. we can note with pleasure that a shared family are good, and that both sides are peaceful and prepared to serve foster them. By deepening team-work in areas of mutual interest, we trust that we will minister to a wealth of a citizens, so moulding a improved destiny for a region, as we sojourn gladdened to a heroes.

Thank you.”

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