Minister Dacic in Rome, attending a Informal Meeting of a Ministers of Foreign Affairs of a Western Balkans Six

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At a invitation of a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Angelino Alfano, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated in Rome, this evening, in a Informal Meeting of a Ministers of Foreign Affairs of a Western Balkans Six.

This assembly is one of a basic high-level meetings towards a arriving Western Balkans Summit, to be hold within a horizon of a “Berlin Process” in Trieste, on 12 Jul 2017.

Following is a matter by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic:

“Esteemed Minister Alfano,
Distinguished Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, we would like to appreciate you, Minister Alfano, for a classification of this meeting, and all a renowned colleagues who supposed a invitation to attend in, and give their grant to, a preparations of a arriving Western Balkans Summit, to be hold in Trieste.

As shortly as we review your letter, venerable Minister Alfano, not usually did we immediately confirm to accept your kind invitation with pleasure, though a initial that came to my mind was a saying: “Simple things are always a best”. The fact that we due that we plead a informal domestic context before a convening of a Summit in Trieste, as good as a destiny of a “Balkan process” itself, and quite given we have given us an event to embody in a contention any other issue, reflects, Minister Alfano, a volume of commitment, loyalty and honour for a participants of a Western Balkans with that Italy approaches a classification of a entrance Summit in Trieste. Such proceed is rarely appreciated by Serbia.

Regarding a debates carried out in this format, we wish to underline that a “Berlin Process” and a “Western Balkans Six” have already been clearly profiled as formats whereby we inspire and lower a cooperation. If my associates who are in assign of repository are right – and we do not have any reason not to trust them – from a rising of a “Berlin Process”, in Aug 2014, and a display of a judgment document: “Connectivity in a Western Balkans”, in Sep of that year, until today, this is a 18th meeting, hold on a ministerial or primary ministers level, within a horizon of a “Berlin Process”. Let me be positively clear, we am vocalization usually of meetings on a top level. We can ask ourselves, have we achieved swell in informal team-work given then? Have we constructed discernible results?

I cruise myself a picturesque person. Therefore, we do not consider that we am swelling confidence or, on a other hand, that we am pity some desperate assessments that we review in a reports of new consultant meetings, in this or identical formats, when observant – yes, we have achieved progress, and approbation – we have discernible results, as well. And once some-more approbation – we should continue a team-work during a some-more finish pace. we resolutely trust that this is a suitable proceed to yield fortitude and wealth to a region, and safeguard that a people have a peculiarity life, and a improved life in all segments. we am assured that a initial outcome of a corner try – a investiture and work of a Regional Youth Cooperation Office, will significantly minister to genuine reconciliation, mutual bargain and strengthening of team-work in all segments of a societies. Are we going to concede tensions, that apparently still start as a outcome of old-fashioned tongue and unresolved, superb issues from a past, to stop us in a swell towards reaching a top authorized standards, and so in achieving a idea to that we all aspire – a European Union membership? My answer to this doubt would be – no. Moreover, we trust that we should continue a team-work in a doing of all concluded infrastructural and appetite projects, usually as we should strengthen a team-work in all segments that are profitable to us. Therefore, we wish to underline that a energy, that a “Berlin Process” brought to team-work in a Western Balkans, has not been tired and a routine should be continued alo after a end of a Trieste Summit.

Minister Alfano, when we saw a rough Agenda for a arriving Summit in Trieste, my self-assurance usually became stronger. we would like to take this event to entirely support Italy’s flexible proceed reflected also in a introduction of new topics, such as team-work in a quarrel opposite corruption, as good as pivotal significance trustworthy to essential connectivity of small- and medium-sized enterprises and strengthening mercantile formation in a region.

Let me prove out that a Republic of Serbia is good on a remodel path, that we wish to illustrate with usually a few examples:

1. Namely, according to a assessments of a IMF, World Bank, as good as a European Commission, Serbian economy has achieved, in 2016, best formula given a commencement of a tellurian mercantile crisis. Its annual expansion rate amounted to 2.8%, acceleration rate 1.1%, and a sum necessity was 1.35%. According to a forecasts for 2017, a expansion rate is approaching to be during 3%, and we wish that, in a second half of a year, it will strech 3.5%. Unemployment rate has forsaken by 3.2%, from 13.8% in a third entertain of 2016.
2. Serbian anti-corruption institutions entirely accommodate general standards and continue to denote a plain potential.
3. World Bank Reports indicated poignant swell reached in a open administration reform, in 2016. For example, according to UN’s E-Government Development Index, in 2016, a Republic of Serbia changed 30 places up, i.e. from 69th place, in 2014, it came 39th, in 2016, out of a sum of 193 countries. Similar opening was available in 2016 by a World Bank’s palliate of “Doing business” indicator, according to that in 2016, Serbia was 47th on a list (out of 190), imprinting additional alleviation compared to 2015.

Minister Alfano,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

At a assembly of a unfamiliar routine advisers, in Brussels, on 24 Jan 2017, a European Commission presented a offer for strengthening informal formation in a mercantile area, as one of a pivotal stairs in a EU organisation process. A shred of a Conclusions, adopted underneath underline “Common Market” by a WB6 mini-Summit, hold in Sarajevo on 16 May 2017, enclosed a following topics: dissemination of products and services, upsurge of learned workforce, digital economy and investments. In my opinion, these meetings resulted in really good proposals, forming a profitable elements for agreements to be reached in Trieste. To put it precisely, we determine that a adoption of a “Multi-annual movement devise for informal formation of a WB6” should be one of a petrify formula of a arriving Western Balkans Summit, in Trieste.

I serve trust that it is required to persevere sold courtesy to unutilized trade potentials of a WB region, to a outcome of anticipating suitable solutions. In sequence to make full use of a advantages offering by CEFTA, for example, as a giveaway trade marketplace in particular, Serbia has already due during a prior WB Summit in Sarajevo that an additional step brazen be done in mercantile formation by substantiating not usually an inner informal singular marketplace of a WB, though a etiquette kinship as well. we trust that this should be one of a pivotal issues for a contention in a duration ahead.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

“The Connectivity Agenda” determined in a “WB6” format within a horizon of a “Berlin Process” is quite critical to us. You are wakeful of Serbia’s priorities in this regard, as we have presented them several times, during opposite meetings. we would like to echo usually one, namely, a construction of Nis-Merdare-Pristina-Tirana-Duress motorway. In a context of serve doing of already concluded and authorized projects, a expectations from a entrance WB Summit in Trieste also embody allocation of additional financial resources, amounting to some-more than EUR 60 million for a doing of 3 specific projects, that we presented to a European Commission as a priorities.

Minister Alfano,

Although we trust that my joining to a delay of a “Berlin Process”, voiced during a commencement of a meeting, was sufficient substantiated, we would like to serve support it by a fact that Serbia has put forward, during a WB Summit in Sarajevo, a offer to horde a subsequent WB Summit within a horizon of a “Berlin Process”, during a time to be jointly determine upon. We trust that this would indicate, on a one hand, that a whole routine is being drawn closer to a shred for that it was dictated while, on a other, it would send out a definite vigilance to a European Commission, that as a region, we have been creation swell and building capacities for a destiny EU membership.

In this context, we would like to remember a matter done by EU High Representative Federica Mogherini during her revisit to a Republic of Serbia, final March, that a EU will not be finish as prolonged as Serbia, and all of a Western Balkans, have not assimilated a EU family. we am assured that this perspective is common by all of us benefaction here today.

Thank we for your attention.”

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