Minister Dacic in talks with Maria Zakharova

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Dacic eith ZakharovaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently in Belgrade with Director of a Information and Press Department of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Russian Federation Maria Zakharova, who is on a revisit to Serbia during his invitation.

At a corner press discussion hold after a meeting, Minister Dacic reiterated Serbia’s organisation joining to building family with a Russian Federation on a basement of vital partnership, adding that historical, normal tighten ties existed between a dual peoples and countries and that their family had always been zero though friendly.

The Minister voiced his surpassing thankfulness to Russia for a support it offering to Serbia in counterclaim of a territorial firmness and sovereignty.

“Whenever Serbia needs assistance and support in a general arena, high-level member of a Russian Federation are a initial we can go to. President Aleksandar Vucic has confirmed unchanging hit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, so have we with my reflection Sergey Lavrov, and we invariably surprise them of all a issues and problems we are facing. Namely, a discourse with Pristina, Serbia’s positions, including a organisation position concerning non-recognition of a autonomy of “Kosovo”, serve activity towards preventing “Kosovo’s” acknowledgment to general organizations, that we cruise as devious attempts by “Kosovo” to join a UN system”, Dacic said.

The Minister also underlined that it was really critical that there was a two-way line of communication with Moscow, permitting a dual countries to share information, deliberate with and assistance any other.

“In this context, it is poignant that we have smoothness of top-level meetings. Later this year we design President Putin to revisit Serbia, to be preceded by a event of a Joint Committee on Cooperation co-chaired by myself, on a Serbian side, and by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov, on their side. It is a expectancy that a event of a Committee will be hold a few weeks before to a revisit by President Putin.”

The Serbian Foreign Minister removed that a stream year noted a 180th anniversary of a investiture of Serbia-Russia tactful family and stressed that Serbia would never bluster or criticise a loving and accessible family with Moscow.

“I am privately really blissful that Maria Zakharova supposed a invitation to revisit Serbia, and this is nonetheless another step serve towards a strengthening of a accessible relations.”

Ms. Zakharova pronounced that she was gratified with a revisit to Serbia and thanked Minister Dacic for a invitation. She underlined that a revisit took place in a horizon of unchanging consultations hold between a dual Ministries, that she had consultations in a margin of open diplomacy, as good as that a idea of a revisit was also to move a dual countries and peoples closer together.

Director of a Information and Press Department of a Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova underlined that Russia’s position concerning Kosovo was unchanging and formed on general law, a honour for Serbia’s government and a inhabitant legislation.

Minister Dacic privately thanked Ms. Zakharova for her willingness to respond to a queries and calls but exception, and lend us a assisting palm in solution quarrelsome issues. Furthermore, he voiced low thankfulness for her unusually accessible opinion to a nation and people, and for a support she extended to Serbia in her central capacity.

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