Minister Dacic: “Serbia is posterior a process of oneness and bargain for all a problems faced by a replaced persons”.

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Ivica DacicAddress by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a rite of laying a substructure mill for a construction of interloper apartments within a horizon of a doing of a Regional Housing Programme in a Republic of Serbia-Sub-Project 5

“Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear friends and stakeholders of a Regional Housing Program,

I would like to appreciate we for entertainment here currently to support and attend a central imprinting of a derivation of unit construction for refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in a municipality of Ub. Construction of housing units in Ub is one of a phases in a doing of a Regional Housing Programme, a vital informal commencement directed during addressing a long-term banishment ensuing from a 1991-1995 dispute in a domain of a former Yugoslavia. The Republic of Serbia is quite clinging to a fulfilment of this program, entirely contributing to a doing of a concluded commitments, that is witnessed by a today’s assemblage of laying a substructure mill here in Ub.

Apartment construction is carried out on this plcae within a Regional Housing Programme, Sub-Project 5. The sum value of a Sub-Project is 52 million euro, out of that 38.8 million euro comes from donations, while a share of a Republic of Serbia in a plan is 13.2 million euro. A sum of 1,847 housing units will be assembled within this shred of a housing programme, of that 1,267 apartments are in 27 internal self-government units. Out of this number, a construction of 270 apartments is already underneath approach in a Kamendin area of Zemun, to be move-in prepared subsequent spring. we would like to remember that a first mill was laid in Kamendin on 17 Nov 2017, and that a substructure mill for a largest housing intent in a segment comprising 276 apartments for a interloper families from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia was laid in Veternik, a municipality of Novi Sad, on 7 Aug 2018, and that we noted a commencement of a construction of 169 housing units in Stara Pazova, on 27 August.

I would also like to indicate out that placement of 250 construction element packages in 11 internal self-government units was finished and 200 encampment houses have been purchased in 19 internal self-government units, within a Sub-Project 5 of a Regional Housing Programme.

Today we are opening a construction site in Ub, for a construction of 20 housing units for 20 families, i.e.55 occupants. The works, a value of that amounts to 415,690.18 euro should be finished in Jun 2019. we wish to underline that partial of a housing programme in Ub envisages a squeeze of 17 encampment houses for refuges in a volume of 187,000 euro, that has already been done, and a placement of 20 construction element packages in a volume of 180,000 euro, a fulfilment of that is ongoing.

Serbia is posterior a routine of oneness and bargain for all a problems confronting a replaced persons. Resolution of a housing emanate is important, though is usually one aspect of a peculiarity of life in a new setting. Local communities have a special purpose to play in aiding interloper formation in their sold communities. we am unapproachable to underline that all internal communities in Serbia, including Ub and a district of Kolubara, but exception, have demonstrated their oneness and offering assistance in struggling with a misfortunes of life in displacement, as they were useful in all efforts directed during stream tellurian integration.

In this light, we would like to appreciate a internal supervision of Ub municipality, headed by President of a Municipality Mr. Darko Glisic, for contributing to and ancillary a doing of a Regional Housing Programme, and we wish to praise a Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, headed by Commissioner Vladimir Cucic, for their altogether efforts and coordination of a Regional Housing Programme.

I would like to thank, in particular, a donor countries of a Regional Housing Programme Fund, and general organizations participating in a Programme’s doing for mixing efforts towards creation a Regional Housing Programme come true, and contributing to a progress. Successful doing of a Regional Housing Programme serve reflects a significance of good team-work and communication among informal countries, so contributing to a settlement process.

I wish that a Programme’s destiny beneficiaries, to whom we am beholden for their patience, will be means to grasp their lifelong aspirations in this moneyed municipality and turn an critical partial of a internal mercantile development. My greetings go to all beneficiaries and participants of a Regional Housing Programme, along with my wish that we continue a works to their execution within a set timeframe, and afterwards symbol a smoothness of keys to a occupants.

Thank we for your attention.”

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