Minister Dacic talks to a Under-Secretary during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently a Under-Secretary during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Moussava.

Minister Dacic voiced his compensation with a family between a dual states, remarkable by a normal loyalty dating behind to Josip Broz Tito’s era, expressing his willingness that Serbia, as a pivotal inheritor of a former SFRY, should grasp a afterwards turn of relations, both politically and economically. In this light, a Minister underlined that Serbia sympathized with a problems confronting a accessible people of Nigeria and upheld a Nigerian Government on matters of inhabitant interest.

The Serbian Foreign Minister thanked for a support that Nigeria extended to Serbia’s government and territorial integrity.

Pointing to a glorious and traditionally accessible family between Nigeria and Serbia, Under-Secretary Moussava reliable that Nigeria would say a support per Kosovo and Metohija during both common and multilateral levels.

In a talks, a dual sides voiced their mutual seductiveness to serve raise common family by sell of visits during all levels and to strengthen mercantile and other forms of cooperation.

It was assessed by both sides that that there was a common enterprise that a dual countries and peoples should rise family and feature a team-work in all areas.

The dual interlocutors remarkable that there were poignant opportunities for a encouragement of common team-work between Serbia and Nigeria and that, in this regard, a dual countries’ entrepreneurs should be given special impetus.

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