Republic of Serbia attaches good significance to a growth of family with a states of a Latin American and Caribbean Region

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Address by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a opening rite of a XVIII Congress of a International Federation of Studies of Latin America and a Caribbean (FIEALC) during John Nesbitt University:

Distinguished participants,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am celebrated and really gratified to residence we today, during a opening of a XVIII Congress of a International Federation of Studies of Latin America and a Caribbean, a initial universe association traffic with Latin American studies, in a region, whereby Belgrade has proudly assimilated Busan, Antalya, Rome, Osaka, Moscow, Tel Aviv and Paris, among other towns that had a event to horde this assembly of high educational importance.

I quite wish to appreciate a organizers, a Geo-economic Department of John Nesbitt University, for their hospitality. In line with a goals of a Federation, we design that renowned Congress participants will make an critical grant to a extended sell of believe and practice associated to Latin American studies carried out in their institutions, so compelling their interdisciplinary character.

Let me wish a comfortable acquire to a renowned guests, Vice-President of a Plurinational State of Bolivia Alvaro Garcia Linera, and Minister of Culture of Paraguay Fernando Griffith, whose profitable perceptions and practice will yield us with a proceed discernment into a stream trends, both in systematic and central proceed to altogether political, amicable and mercantile developments in a multicultural universe of Latin America and a Caribbean.

The Republic of Serbia has traditionally trustworthy good significance to a growth of family with a states of a segment of Latin America and a Caribbean, noted quite by team-work during a time of a Non-Aligned Movement, as a interrelated dimension of a unfamiliar process engagement, where a full membership of a European Union is a inaugural priority.

We are meddlesome in posterior a unchanging and complete domestic discourse with a informal states, respecting their flourishing domestic precedence on a general turn and their mercantile potential, in a horizon of that we insert sold significance to substantiating unchanging contacts during a inter-parliamentary level. Among a priorities in serve heightening a altogether family is a delay of successful multilateral cooperation, directed during achieving effective formula in general organizations and institutions, where support of issues undeniably critical to a Republic of Serbia plays a special role.

The complementarity of a family is formed on a accordant efforts to urge a elemental beliefs of general law and a United Nations Charter, organisation joining to discourse as a essential approach of overcoming all superb issues – reinforced and enriched by surpassing understanding.

In line with a joining to foster a accessible relations, as good as mercantile and other forms of team-work with partners via this continent, a Republic of Serbia attempts to actively attend in a work of informal organizations where it enjoys an spectator standing – Organization of American States, given 2000, a Association of Caribbean States, given 2012, and a Central American Integration System, given 2015.

The Republic of Serbia accredited a Ambassador to a Central American Integration System, in Jan 2017, while it has been invariably operative on augmenting a turn of a stream activities in these organizations, by following and analysing devotedly a developments in a region, to a outcome of providing suitable support to a genuine needs of a countries of Latin America and a Caribbean, essentially in a areas of integrated development, consolidating democracy, confronting a consequences of climatic changes, as good as a quarrel opposite orderly crime. Regarding a heightening of family in a areas of culture, grant and education, we are gratified that a vast series of students from Latin America and a Caribbean are holding partial in a “World in Serbia” grant project, an critical capacity of a country, providing also for a investiture of tighten ties of loyalty for a future.

Serbia is meddlesome to strengthen mercantile team-work that is lagging behind a genuine possibilities, and essentially to boost trade volume and strech a trade change (in 2016, Serbia’s exports to Latin American and Caribbean states amounted to 31.2 million US dollars, while a imports were during 201.05 million US dollars).

Serbia’s idea is to urge mercantile team-work with and attract investments from Latin American countries, by formulating a enlightened sourroundings and utilizing a existent contractual frameworks and by opening new avenues in this respect. After upgrading a contractual horizon for shared team-work by fast execution of negotiations directed during finalizing agreements whose adoption is underway, Serbia is prepared to focus, in a arriving period, on defining specific projects in agricultural, energy, military-economic and infrastructure sectors, that could, during a after stage, outcome in a some-more strong mercantile cooperation.

Thank we for your attention, and we wish a Congress participants a cultivatable sell of views and success in their work.”

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