Republic of Serbia takes over Chairmanship of a OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation

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Opening remarks by H.E. Mr. Ivica Dačić, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia on a arise of a initial eventuality of a OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation reason currently underneath Serbia’s Chairmanship:

“Madam Chairperson,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am severely celebrated to be behind to Vienna again currently to acquire we to a initial assembly of a Forum for Security Cooperation (FSC) underneath Serbian Chairmanship. we would like to hail we and benefaction to we a module of work for a final trimester of a year. Opening this critical eventuality and sitting again in this room brings behind good memories of a successful Serbian Chairmanship of a OSCE in 2015. we am deeply assured that a joining of Serbia, as voiced during a OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office in 2015, will be satisfied with a same efforts during a three-month Chairmanship of this Forum.

I would like to start by expressing my surpassing thankfulness to Romania and a Russian Federation for their superb Chairmanships of a FSC progressing this year. Although they have set really high standards for a incoming Chairs, we are committed to assembly them in tighten team-work and communication with a participating States. Let me also acquire Slovakia as a new member of a FSC Troika.

We will be really gratified to be operative with we all in a months heading adult to a Ministerial Council in Vienna in December.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The altogether certainty conditions in Europe stays frail with mixed hurdles stemming, inter alia, from augmenting radicalization and militant activity, as demonstrated by a visit militant attacks in Europe in a prior period, followed by vast movements of migrants and refugees, injustice of information and communications technologies, unlawful trafficking in drugs, arms and tellurian beings – to name usually a few. While a OSCE family is still acid for a best response to those challenges, it is transparent that they can be successfully tackled usually by corner efforts of a participating States in sequence to exercise a serious, consummate and extensive discourse on all certainty issues. Unfortunately, notwithstanding a obligatory need for togetherness and a common engagement, we are witnessing rising tensions and a miss of trust.

The predicament in and around Ukraine is unfortunately still going on notwithstanding all a efforts. For a fourth uninterrupted year a civilians continue to suffer. It is a clever faith that a parties should entirely and completely finish all hostilities and exercise a supplies of a Minsk Agreements. Full honour of a OSCE beliefs and commitments and general law stays a proceed forward, together with a some-more constructive rendezvous by a parties in a Trilateral Contact Group. These are required prerequisites for long-awaited swell on a political, security, charitable and mercantile issues. This time again, we echo a organisation support to a work of a Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, that is a many manifest component of a OSCE response to a crisis.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Arms control and confidence- and security-building measures sojourn critical for certainty in a region. The Forum, with a specific charge and responsibilities, is good placed to make a poignant grant in this field.

Technological changes, new risks and challenges, make us wakeful of a need to reanimate applicable OSCE documents. Meanwhile, their unchanging doing stays essential. The miss of accord on a proceed brazen should not forestall objective, just and extensive discourse in sequence to say troops stability, predictability and transparency, including by updating and modernizing a Vienna Document, strengthening and implementing a Code of Conduct on Politico-Military Aspects of Security, as good as OSCE papers on Small Arms and Light Weapons and Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to stress in sold that a Structured Dialogue has already proven to be a useful apparatus for prolific multilateral contention on extended security. Furthermore, we trust that it can support a OSCE participating States to furnish a unpractical horizon for extended multilateral security. We wish that a participating States will welcome a Structured Dialogue as a process of de-escalation of tensions and certainty building per se, that could move about a genuine and quantifiable grant to a certainty of a OSCE area. The Structured Dialogue will be on a bulletin during a special corner FSC-PC session, and as Chairperson we will continue a efforts of a former Chairpersons of a Forum to foster a Structured Dialogue in tighten team-work with a Austrian Chairmanship.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The FSC continues to benefaction profitable opportunities for discourse and contention on a many dire certainty issues and on a domestic and troops commitments. Being entirely wakeful of a certainty risks and hurdles in a OSCE region, Serbia is aiming during active and suggestive Chairmanship. To that end, we will do a best to yield opportunities for strengthening a concentration on politico-military certainty by ensuring a forum for negotiations and consultations on troops certainty and fortitude in a OSCE area. In this context, we introduce to reason a set of Security Dialogues to foster a recognition and sell of ideas and practice in opposite areas of a work.

I would now like to benefaction to we a module of work until a finish of a year, formulating a offset and certain bulletin as a predecessors did.

Continuing to foster a doing of United Nations Security Council fortitude 1325 (2000) on women, assent and certainty by augmenting a illustration of women in a armed forces, as good as in multinational assent missions in that Serbia is participating, is a priority for Serbia. One Security Dialogue eventuality underneath a Chairmanship will be clinging to this issue, with a sold concentration on a purpose of a counterclaim zone in a doing of UNSCR 1325.

Small arms and light weapons and stockpiles of required ammunition and in sold their injustice continue to poise a critical hazard to certainty via a OSCE area. Promoting a informal approach, we will persevere one Security Dialogue to a informal efforts in combating a unlawful trade of tiny arms and light weapons in South Eastern Europe.

Continuing a informal perspective, one eventuality of a Security Dialogue will be used to plead sub-regional arms control agreements and in sold a doing of a Agreement on Sub-Regional Arms Control, Article IV, Annex 1-B, Dayton Peace Accords, as an instance of successful informal agreement in solution many issues after a finish of a conflict, that a parties have entirely implemented.

Since a OSCE Code of Conduct on Politico-Military Aspects of Security stays a pivotal normative instrument ruling a armed army in approved societies, we will dedicate one Security Dialogue eventuality to a Code of Conduct and a purpose of parliaments in a approved control of armed and certainty forces.

Recalling a Hamburg Declaration that encourages continued discussions on SALW and SCA projects as good as holding periodic conferences to consider a doing of ongoing OSCE projects in that field, it is my honour to announce a Meeting to examination a doing of OSCE assistance projects in a margin of Small Arms and Light Weapons and Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition on 3-4 October.

Arms control and confidence- and security-building measures have proven their aptitude for substantiating trust, transparency, troops predictability and fortitude in Europe. Therefore, one eventuality of a Security Dialogue will be clinging to a unsentimental aspects of a Conventional Arms Control and CSBMs.

Joining a efforts with a Austrian Chairmanship-in-Office and noticing a stress of a emigration predicament for certainty in Europe, we will plead a support of a certainty army to a inhabitant authorities in a emigration predicament during a corner eventuality of a Forum and a Permanent Council.

Moreover, in tighten co-operation with a associate Troika members, a FSC Support Section and Austrian Chairmanship-in-Office, we will work on, and support a series of events during a mandate.

I assure we that we will do a pinnacle to contention to a Ministerial Council papers that accommodate a common seductiveness of participating States and raise a submit of a FSC to a OSCE as a whole. By doing so, we wish to boost a grant to a common certainty in Europe.

Distinguished participants,

Before we conclude, let me use this event to announce a delay of a work of a FSC co-ordinators, whose station support and grant to a work of a Chairmanship deserves to be constantly recognized.

–  Ms. Tiphaine Jouffroy, cook de record for a credentials of a Forum’s grant to a 2017 Annual Security Review Conference;
–  Ms. Isa Ghivarelli, Co-ordinator on Matters Relating to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325;
–  Colonel Hans Georg Lüber, Co-ordinator for a Vienna Document;
–  Colonel László Szatmári, Co-ordinator for Projects on Small Arms and Light Weapons and Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition;
–  Colonel Ville Pouttu, Chairperson of a Informal Group of Friends on Small Arms and Light Weapons;
–  Mr. Vasily Pavlov, FSC Co-ordinator on Non-Proliferation Issues;
–  Lieutenant Commander Vučić Bošković, Co-ordinator for a Code of Conduct on Politico-Military Aspects of Security.

We are beholden for their continued availability, as good as to Ambassador Peško and his means group in a Conflict Prevention Centre, in sold a FSC Support Section for their unstinting support. Our special interjection go to a Conference Services, interpreters, and all others who are operative tough to assistance a Chairmanship run smoothly.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to stress a integrity to control a FSC Chairmanship in a suggestion of inclusiveness, clarity and cooperation. We are open to co-operation with all meddlesome delegations, in sold with a Austrian Chairmanship-in-Office and a FSC Troika. Let me appreciate once again Romania as a effusive member of a FSC Troika for their profitable contribution.

I wish that we share my faith that we will have a trimester full of interesting, complete and cultivatable work brazen of us in sequence to serve strengthen a stress of this Forum and feature team-work on all critical certainty issues for all of us. As it has been pronounced before, Serbia will attempt to make a FSC Chairmanship during slightest as successful as a OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office was dual years ago. We are looking brazen to operative with we in a entrance months and we count on a clever support of all of you.

I appreciate we for your attention.”

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