Serbia and Madagascar to strengthen team-work in a mercantile area

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic perceived currently President of a National Assembly of Madagascar Jean Max Rakotomamonjy.

In a considerate conversation, a dual sides assessed a shared family between a dual countries as traditionally good and friendly, dating behind to a duration of Madagascar’s gaining of autonomy in 1960.

The dual sides voiced a need for heightening a activities directed during delay of domestic dialogue, as good as a common seductiveness for substantiating and serve strengthening of all aspects of shared cooperation, quite in a mercantile area.

Minister Dacic voiced his thankfulness for a support supposing by a Republic of Madagascar concerning a unfamiliar process priorities of a Republic of Serbia, along with a expectancy that it would be continued in a future. He voiced his certainty that there was plenty room for a growth of shared cooperation, quite in unfamiliar trade, that has depressed brief of a mercantile potentials of a dual countries.

National Assembly President Rakotomamonjy settled that a peoples of a Republic of Serbia and a Republic of Madagascar were loving peoples, pity a same values ever given a times when a SFRY played a heading purpose in a Non-Aligned Movement, and supposing assistance to a ransom movements of African countries. To a outcome of serve strengthening these relations, he due a environment adult of Serbia-Madagascar Parliamentary Friendship Group.

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