Serbia will continue to yield limit grant to a growth of a South-East European Cooperation Process

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Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic at a Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of a Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Dubrovnik:

Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to start by thanking a hosts for a classification of this meeting, for their efforts and opening in a past year, during a Croatian Chairmanship-in-Office.

I am gratified to have a eventuality to attend a today’s meeting, and attend in a discuss on a significance of informal team-work for a fortitude of a shred as a whole.

Distinguished Colleagues,

Serbia’s membership in a European Union continues to be among a inaugural unfamiliar routine priorities, since a membership viewpoint is a clever proclivity for a all-embracing reforms that are now being carried out, giving an procedure to settlement and informal team-work processes in a whole of a Balkans.

Serbia is consistently posterior a European path, with really good mercantile indicators. Although a messages entrance from a European Union are not always encouraging, we are creation complete efforts to accommodate a mandate required for opening new chapters. We are really beholden to a Maltese Presidency of a Council of a EU for their support and commitment. We would like a duration of a incoming Estonian Presidency to be remembered by Serbia’s opening of a incomparable series of negotiating chapters. we wish that a interlocutors in Brussels will comprehend a significance that Serbia’s advent routine unfolds during a certain pace, and a critical consequences that competence arise in a eventuality of another stalemate. We have, so far, non-stop 10 negotiating chapters, and provisionally sealed dual of them. Our idea is to say a determined dynamics of convening Inter-Governmental Conferences, and to open, in a entrance period, all chapters for that we denote during a given impulse that we are technically prepared, since any new section non-stop in a advent negotiations with a EU is an additional motorist in a doing of a ongoing reforms. We are all wakeful of a existence that EU advent is primarily a technical routine but, to be honest, it is mostly also a domestic one. It is really critical for us to accept assurances of a imminence of Serbia’s EU membership, like a other EU Member States had in their time, since new years have all seen an boost in a series and complexity of membership criteria while, during a same time, a conditions in a EU and in a shred has spin additionally formidable as a outcome of good many crises that we have faced together. In a deficiency of a transparent European perspective, it is formidable to design a shred to say a fortitude and continue to pursue a European path.

Unfortunately, distinct that of other EU claimant countries, Serbia’s negotiating routine is impeded with a fact that a swell in a negotiations is redeeming on a swell done in a sermon between Belgrade and Pristina. We waited for roughly dual years before we could open a initial negotiating chapters, since there was no one in Pristina to control a sermon with. Nothing of a kind contingency ever occur again, for Serbia – that is carrying out a reforms wholeheartedly – would so be penalized for a deterrent combined by others. We have all witnessed that not even a agreements reached are being respected, as a outcome of which, 4 years have upheld and a Association/Community of Serbian Municipalities has not nonetheless been established. Would we be sitting behind and waiting, if Belgrade unsuccessful to accommodate a obligations? Would we sojourn wordless if Serbia verbally pounded other informal actors, and voiced territorial aspirations? Having no goal to make a today’s contention heated, because, in new months, a informal written sermon has already been noted heavily with high tones, we wish to prove that Serbia expects from a EU: scrupulous approach, coherence and honour of everybody according to their merits. we will, therefore, echo a position that all doubtful issues should be addressed in suitable fora, in approach talks between a parties concerned, while usually a issues associated to acquis communautaire and certain EU use should be dealt with in a horizon of a negotiating process.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Despite certain differences and occasional disagreements between us, caused by unused issues from a past, what is many critical – and can be seen during a meetings of a Southeast European Cooperation Process as an critical domestic forum, as good as during those of a Western Balkans Six or a Berlin Process – is a existence of domestic eagerness for settlement and a improved destiny for all a people in a region. Furthermore, a European trail that all of us in Southeastern Europe have opted for is critical not usually for a people in a region, though rarely critical also for all a people in a European Union, for but a fast and integrated Western Balkans region, there can conjunction be fortitude nor confidence in a EU.

Individual mercantile growth of any of us, as good as a shred as a whole, is a exigency for a fortitude of a region, and a delay of a EU advent process, as well. we trust that a strengthening of mercantile cooperation, that we have been operative on in a bid to settle a informal mercantile area and quite to boost European investments in a region, is really critical both for a shred and investors from a EU, since instead of tiny and non-competitive markets, there would be a marketplace of 20 million people. we serve trust that a shred should join efforts opposite defilement of a element of good mercantile governance, quite by fighting crime and orderly crime.

Shortly after a Transport Community Treaty is sealed in Trieste, a shred will be means to allege in this segment. we would like to ask you, this time again, to support Belgrade in apropos a chair of a domicile of a Transport Community Secretariat, that would be a judicious step, since a South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO) has been handling successfully in Belgrade for some-more than 10 years, and should renovate into a destiny Transport Community.

I would also like to underline that Serbia entirely supports a serve intensification of informal team-work as a core substructure of informal stability. Serbia will continue a efforts directed during progressing assent and fortitude in a region, as good as addressing a existent domestic and mercantile problems, that can be dealt with only by an open and continued dialogue. We contingency spin to a future, since we have been accusing any other of a past, for distant too long, with no advantages to any of us. We contingency continue to work together, carrying courtesy for any other, and above all, respecting a common interests, that are many.

I would like to take this eventuality to wish Slovenia any success in a arrogance of a SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office.

May we interpretation by underscoring that Serbia is open for team-work with a incoming SEECP Chair-in-Office, and that it will continue, with all a accessible capacities, to make a limit grant to a growth of a SEECP and other forms of informal co-operation.

Thank you.

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