Serbian Government committed to EU membership and building assent and fortitude in a region

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated currently in a Informal Meeting of Foreign Ministers of EU member and claimant countries (Gymnich) hold in Malta. The assembly was co-chaired by EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini and by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta George Vella.

Addressing a meeting, a Serbian Foreign Minister spoke about a stream conditions in Serbia and a region. He underlined that Serbia’s categorical item during a impulse was a domestic stability.

“In this courtesy we underlined that Prime Minister Vucic’s Presidential choosing win contributed to a domestic fortitude and that a new Government to be shaped will continue a joining to EU membership and a building of peace, confidence and fortitude in a region.

I pronounced that a developments in Macedonia can't be regarded as an removed case, that they were also a outcome of prior statements that had speedy certain projects that competence means instability, as good as that Serbia was unprotected to such moves. Namely, there are continual indications entrance from Tirana, Pristina, Bujanovac, and also swelling to other countries such as Macedonia. These are ideas about a origination of a Greater Albania and a joint of all Albanians. In this context, we asked about their reactions if all Serbs were to harmonize into one state, would they afterwards sojourn wordless as well.

At a assembly we underlined that Serbia was unprotected to threats within a nation itself, like statements to a outcome that Mr. Vucic was not a President to Albanians in southern Serbia, and that it was Rama instead. we stressed that Serbia did not conflict to such provocations. We are calm since we wish to be a generator of assent and fortitude in a region.

During a assembly we told a French Foreign Minister that Serbia was really dissatisfied with a preference of a French court, that France was unpleasant of Serb victims, who had a right to probity only like all other victims. Furthermore, we sensitive that we removed a Ambassador to France for consultations and that he would arrive in Belgrade this evening. we reiterated that all this would impact a shared relations.

All of a above we pronounced since we wish to safety assent and stability. We trust that a EU thought is a really critical one for easing tensions in a region, that this is a approach to uncover that we all have a common idea that Serbia will be committed to and that a Prime Minister, destiny President, and a new Government will work dedicatedly to comprehend that goal”, pronounced Minister Dacic after a assembly in Valletta.

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