Session of a Diaspora and Serbs of a Region Committee

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logo mspDelegation of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, headed by Acting Assistant Foreign Minister Ambassador Aca Jovanovic, participated in a 7th event of a Diaspora and Serbs of a Region Committee during a Serbian National Assembly.

The thesis of a assembly was “Status and Pprospects of Serbs in a Region”. The Committee’s event was also attended by member of Serbs of a region, MPs in parliaments of informal countries, as good as by Djordje Milicevic, Deputy Speaker of a National Assembly.

The Committee discussed a standing of Serbs in a region, refuge and use of Serbian language, opportunities for preparation in Serbian, as good as illustration of Serbs within state institutions in a countries of a region.

Representatives of Serbs of a segment stressed in sold a extinction of Serbian informative birthright as good as attempts during revisionism of a anti-Fascist past.

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