Study revisit by a National Defence College of Nigeria to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic perceived today, during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Federal Republic of Nigeria’s 25th category of a National Defence College participants in Geo-strategic universe studies, profitable a investigate revisit to Serbia.

On this occasion, a Serbian Foreign Minister sensitive a guest about Serbian unfamiliar routine and a confidence hurdles a nation is facing.

Following is a residence by Minister Dacic:

“Generals and Officers,


I am really gratified to see a delay of a tradition of investigate visits by a National Defence College of a Federal Republic of Nigeria to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and to have a event to surprise we of a unfamiliar routine of a Republic of Serbia, as good as a stream confidence hurdles and threats confronting a Republic of Serbia.

Within a horizon of Serbia’s unfamiliar routine priorities, a family with Africa play an unusually high role. Serbia as one of a vital successors of a former Yugoslavia is endeavouring to pursue vital partnership and team-work with African countries. In this light, a team-work with a African Union is really successful and substantive. Serbia frequently participates during African Union Summits, on a top level. We cruise a revisit to Serbia by African Union Commission Chairperson N.D Zuma, in 2015, historical, and on that occasion, a Memorandum on Economic Cooperation between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a AU Commission was signed.

Let me underline that with Nigeria, that we cruise one of a heading African countries, we have traditionally good and accessible shared relations, but any superb issues. In this spirit, President Nikolic flashy a President of Nigeria Buhari with a Order of a Republic of Serbia with a badge for serve growth of accessible family between a dual countries, and a non-recognition of a self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”.

Serbia is meddlesome in exchanging visits on a high domestic level. On a fringes of a UN Security Council in Feb 2015, we had a assembly with a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria, whose revisit we are looking brazen to.

Serbia rarely appreciates a positioning of Nigeria per non-recognition of “Kosovo”, and we take this event to appreciate we for this support. We design that Nigeria will continue to support a positions on Kosovo and Metohija, quite in honour of their efforts to join a membership of ubiquitous organizations, UNESCO in a initial place.

We are meddlesome in strengthening a mercantile cooperation, that used to be during an considerable level. Within a “World in Serbia” project, Nigerian students have been means to investigate in Serbia, 10 of whom have finished their education.

Of essential seductiveness for a swell and wealth of a Republic of Serbia and a Western Balkans is to say peace, fortitude and security. This is a simple exigency for a growth of political, mercantile and amicable family in general. Thanks to a activities in new years, Serbia is famous internationally now as partial of a solution, not a problem, and is therefore deliberate by ubiquitous factors as an exporter of confidence and stability.

One of a vital goals of Serbia is a full EU membership and, in this context, we support a European aspirations of a neighbours, and trust that a European routine is a best approach to overcome a issues from a past and have a whole shred join a membership of a European family of states and peoples.

In terms of troops and security, Serbia has committed itself to a routine of troops neutrality and has no aspirations to turn a member of NATO or any other troops classification in a world. We trust that a existent team-work by a Partnership for Peace programme, in that we have been participating given 2006, is a successful indication of family with NATO, that is in line with a interests and a common interests of preserving informal assent and stability. At a same time, Serbia respects a joining of a neighbours with honour to their NATO membership, in sequence to foster assent and fortitude in a region.

Serbia has been building complete team-work with other critical partners opposite a world, essentially with a Russian Federation and China, in many areas, including troops and security. The support of these countries in fortifying Serbian inhabitant interests in Kosovo and Metohija is of peerless significance to Serbia. The family between Serbia and NATO were quite impeded by a 1999 bombing, that caused countless municipal casualties and drop in a territory. On a other hand, Serbia recognizes a significance and purpose of NATO in a informal confidence system, and quite in a insurance of Serbian village in Kosovo and Metohija, with NATO being a guarantor of a security.

Kosovo and Metohija is a vital confidence plea for Serbia. We trust that a durable and tolerable resolution can usually be reached by domestic means, in suitability with ubiquitous law. Serbia is committed to a status-neutral discourse between Belgrade and Pristina and to resolving, by dialogue, a issues of evident seductiveness to a people in a Province. In this regard, Serbia has been implementing what has been concluded in a Brussels Agreement, awaiting Pristina to act likewise, which, unfortunately, has not been a case.

We support a KFOR activities in Kosovo and Metohija, tangible underneath UNSC Resolution 1244. We design undivided appearance of KFOR in a Province, as a guarantor of confidence and a doing of a Brussels Agreement, given a stream confidence conditions is still fragile. Serbia finds positively unsuitable a aspirations of Pristina to trigger a routine of mutation of a supposed Kosovo Security Force into armed forces, by amending and expanding a mandate.

To Serbia, a emanate of flourishing radicalization and aroused extremism in Kosovo and Metohija is one that raises sold concern, including a appearance of Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija in unfamiliar battlefields as militant fighters. The sobriety of this problem is also reflected in a fact that, in terms of percentages relations to a whole population, Kosovo Albanians are a many countless in a ranks of Daesh.

A sold intensity risk for Serbia is a lapse of supposed unfamiliar militant fighters who are now in a battlefields of Syria and Iraq. They have additionally turn religiously radicalized and continue to say contacts with militant cells, rivet in promotion activities in sequence to partisan new fighters and send them to battlefields, and poise a consistent risk of carrying out approach militant activities in a domain of Serbia and a Western Balkans region.

Serbia believes that quarrel opposite terrorism and aroused extremism can turn successful by holding surety movement directed during expelling a causes of these phenomena, that embody a far-reaching operation of activities on a sociological, economic, domestic and ideological level. Therefore, Serbia believes that a UN should be a categorical ubiquitous forum for deliberating and addressing a tellurian terrorism materialisation and, to that end, it has upheld all a pivotal resolutions and will continue to do so in a destiny as well. Serbia also supports a beliefs of a UN Global Strategy for Combating Terrorism, generally in a shred relating to measures for strengthening ubiquitous cooperation, i.e. “pooling” of national, informal and ubiquitous efforts.

Serbia attaches special courtesy to new tellurian confidence challenges, such as appetite and cyber security. It endeavors to emanate a tolerable appetite complement formed on a diversification of appetite supply channels. Aware of a fast growth and swell of information and communication technologies, Serbia attempts to follow, as many as possible, tellurian developments and trends in a investiture of inhabitant insurance systems.

Finally, we would like to underline that we demonstrate a oneness with a accessible Nigerian people, who are a theme of attacks by Boko Haram militant group. We entirely support a Nigerian Government in a quarrel opposite terrorism, that has been – according to a many new information- really successful.

Thank you.”

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