Visit of a President of a Hellenic Parliament encourages domestic discourse between a dual accessible countries

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had talks currently with President of a Hellenic Parliament Nikolaos Voutsis, who is profitable an central revisit to a Republic of Serbia.

Expressing his good compensation during a visit, Minister Dacic conveyed his self-assurance that a revisit would give an additional procedure to a high-level domestic discourse between a dual accessible countries. Serbia’s good seductiveness in deepening a peculiarity of a family with Greece in all areas of mutual seductiveness was articulated, stirred by a chronological alliance and oneness of a peoples.

In a considerate conversation, views were exchanged on stream issues in a shared family area. Minister Dacic extensively sensitive his interlocutor of a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija, unsustainability of a lapse of replaced Serbs, a fact that Serbian Gothic informative and eremite birthright was jeopardized, and of a unacceptability of a aspirations of Pristina to join UNESCO and other general organizations.

They reviewed a implications of a emigration predicament for a fortitude and confidence of a European continent, underlining a need for reaching together an effective resolution on a EU level.

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