A discussion commemorating a seventieth anniversary of a UN International Law Commission hold in Geneva

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Dr. Aleksandar Gajic and Ambassador Dr. Slavoljub CaricOn 5-6 Jul 2018, Dr. Aleksandar Gajic, MFA Chief Legal Adviser, and Ambassador Dr. Slavoljub Caric, Director of a MFA International Legal Affairs Department, participated during a contention hold in Geneva during a UN Palace of Nations to commemorate a 70th anniversary of a United Nations International Law Commission (ILC) and a work.

At a contention that brought together MFA authorised advisers, professors, stream and former members of a Commission, judges of general courts, a UN Chief Legal Counsel and member of bureaucratic and non-governmental general organizations, Dr. Gajic moderated with good success a row contention on a methodology used in a activity of a Commission.

The International Law Commission was determined by a UN General Assembly in 1948 for a graduation of a on-going growth of general law and a codification.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/17951-a-conference-commemorating-the-seventieth-anniversary-of-the-un-international-law-commission-held-in-geneva