Address by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a 127th Session of a Committee of Ministers of a Council of Europe “Reinforcing Democratic Security in Europe”

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“Mr. Chairman,
Distinguished Fellow Ministers,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my good pleasure to attend in a 127th Session of a Committee of Ministers of a Council of Europe and have an event to sell views with my associate Foreign Ministers and other Heads of Delegation on stream open issues that Europe is facing.

I wish to extend my congratulations to a effusive Chair of a Committee of Ministers, a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides, for his rarely successful chairmanship and my wishes to a incoming Chair of a Committee of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Czech Republic Lubomir Zaoralek for success in a liberate of his critical duties, assuring him of Serbia’s full support.

The 127th Session of a Committee of Ministers of a Council of Europe provides an glorious event to sell views on vital accepted issues we are confronting today.  Regrettably, when we demeanour back, it appears that hurdles we are confronted with have been rising year after year. In this courtesy it is adequate to remember all developments that have taken place in a continent given a final year’s Ministerial meeting. The end to be drawn is that, while streamer towards a investiture of aloft standards and goals, we have not been means to do a elemental ones, whose doing has, some-more mostly than not, been taken for granted. This is nonetheless another explanation that, instead of introducing new ones, it is distant some-more critical to persevere in a accomplishment of core objectives and common values.

In this regard, a comment done by a Secretary General in his Fourth Report on a state of tellurian rights, democracy and a sequence of law is thought-provoking and raises legitimate concerns. The Secretary General righteously draws courtesy to dire problems and disastrous trends in many areas, of that no nation is spared. Therefore, a corner proceed to their fortitude is of essential importance. In a community, success can't be totalled in sold terms, given a strength of a village depends on a resilience to hurdles of a weakest link.

Arguments in support of such an comment need not be sought over a migrant crisis. This predicament has demonstrated all a disadvantage of a societies and displayed problems in reaching a common approach. The problem of migrants and refugees calls for a corner joining in sequence to safeguard that responses to a stream predicament are in line with a general obligations and interests of all, as good as of any state. In this context, a mass emigration government with coexisting honour for tellurian rights stands out as a vital challenge.

Serbia has strongly upheld and actively contributed to a graduation of a proceed adopted by a Council of Europe and Secretary General Jagland in particular, in traffic with this problem, in line with a charge of a Organization. We share a faith that it is required to commence obligatory measures to strengthen migrant and asylum-seeking children, and unparalleled minors in particular. Also, we hold required to safeguard an active rendezvous in a impediment of trafficking in tellurian beings and all forms of their abuse, as good as to move to probity those obliged for a bootlegging of migrants. In this context, Serbia supports a CoE Action Plan for a insurance of migrant and interloper children.

Being located on a supposed Western Balkans emigration route, Serbia has faced tighten to one million refugees and migrants transiting a domain given a conflict of a predicament until today, that has put a serious aria on a capacities. We have clinging sold courtesy to exposed groups, generally to a insurance of children, perplexing to assuage a pang of migrant and asylum-seeking children to a biggest probable extent, and strengthen them from abuse and intensity orderly crime associated risks. The Law on Asylum envisages a element of providing special caring for haven field with special needs including minors, appointing guardians to unparalleled minors and of providing them with accommodation in a designated centre. Appropriate measures are being taken with courtesy to a medical and preparation of migrant minors.

I have to remember that Serbia has unfortunately had poignant unpleasant practice with refugees and internally replaced persons. Today, Serbia is home to 29,457 persons still carrying a standing of refugees, who have come from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and who have been in a caring for dual decades already, including over 200,000 internally replaced persons, forced out of their homes in Kosovo and Metohija after 1999. we resolutely trust that reaching durable solutions for long banishment should be dealt with in together with a fortitude of a stream interloper crisis. we trust that we all share a perspective that people in long banishment contingency not be overlooked.

Serbia is entirely committed to a insurance of a standards and values embedded in a European Convention on Human Rights. We support a conclusions of a Secretary General’s Report on a state of democracy concerning a need for strengthening a potency of a European Court of Human Rights with courtesy to charge procedures and coercion of judgements.

In suitability with a mandate, a Council of Europe has both a instruments and a ability to minister to an even larger grade to a fortitude of problems in predicament areas, by enchanting in a fields of refuge of democracy, insurance of tellurian and minority rights and of a sequence of law, including in a areas of authorised reforms and quarrel opposite corruption.

Serbia attaches good significance to termination of terrorism as a tellurian threat. Increasingly visit militant acts clearly prove an needed need for a quarrel opposite terrorism in all a forms and manifestations, as good as opposite aroused extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism, to sojourn a tip priority of a Council of Europe. We trust that a activities being undertaken in this area by a CoE benefaction an adequate response and support a CoE Guidelines on a Protection of Victims of Terrorist Acts.

With a aim of improving insurance of tellurian rights, democracy and a sequence of law, Serbia supports a delay of a rendezvous of a Council of Europe in Kosovo and Metohija, in full correspondence with a UNSC Resolution 1244 and status-neutral approach. We note with bewail that, in annoy of a doing of several Council of Europe projects for many years now, there have been no poignant improvements in a honour of tellurian rights and elemental freedoms in Kosovo and Metohija, that is quite manifest in bland life of persons belonging to non-Albanian communities, mostly Serbs. The rights that are still disregarded or need serve insurance operation from earthy and authorised reserve to skill and informative rights, as good as leisure of religion, including giveaway entrance to informative and eremite birthright sites. More than 200,000 forcibly internally replaced persons still can't lapse to their homes. Serbia stands prepared to be a constructive partner to a Council of Europe in a destiny activities in Kosovo and Metohija.

Thank you.”

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