Ambassador Filipovic in Sarajevo, attending a discussion on confidence hurdles in a segment in a light of NATO team-work and partnership

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Sarajevo 26_septembarActing Assistant Foreign Minister for confidence routine Ambassador Branimir Filipovic was among a panellists during a Conference “A Comprehensive Approach to National Security: Facing Challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a Light of NATO Cooperation and Partnership”, hold in Sarajevo on 26 Sep 2017.
The conference, orderly by a BiH Council of Ministers Commission for NATO Integration Process and a BiH Centre for Security Studies, with a support of NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, was hold parallel with a corner practice of NATO member and partner states in a margin of emergencies, hosted this year by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The panellists enclosed member of applicable sectoral branches in unfamiliar ministries of a informal countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia), as good as NATO member from a Political Affairs and Security Policy Division and a NATO Commander in BiH.

The panels dealt with categorical confidence hurdles confronting countries in a region, informal team-work in addressing confidence hurdles and public aspects of NATO team-work and partnership, quite when it comes to team-work in a margin of puncture situations – such as healthy disasters and identical incidents. The discussion enclosed appearance by MPs in a BiH Parliamentary Assembly, member of a academia and a tactful corps as good as undergraduates study humanities.

Ambassador Filipovic presented Serbia’s priorities in a margin of confidence routine and forked out that Serbia was holding an open and solidary proceed as it grown team-work during all levels, regional, European and global, while presumption and pity shortcoming towards a feat of a common design to successfully face a ongoing confidence hurdles and threats.

He underlined that family in a segment were among Serbia’s pivotal unfamiliar and confidence routine priorities as good as a need that they be built on a basement of peace, stability, mutual trust and understanding. Ambassador Filipovic underscored Serbia’s efforts towards identifying common interests, adding that Serbia due a series of initiatives in this context aiming for best probable interconnectivity in a region, essentially in a context of economy, though in other spheres as well, given this was a common seductiveness that, during a same time, strengthened a mercantile prospects of a WB countries and a segment as a whole.

He forked out that Serbia, in a routine of EU accession, actively participated in a judgment of EU confidence and counterclaim policy, by a grant and solidary weight sharing, as a partner of all EU Member States, since confidence is an area that knows no bounds or memberships.

Ambassador Filipovic presented Serbia’s accomplishments in a horizon of NATO team-work achieved by posterior a routine of troops neutrality, nonetheless with a transparent course towards building domestic discourse and unsentimental team-work with a Alliance, in a seductiveness of assent and fortitude in a region. He underlined in sold a significance of a purpose played by KFOR in Kosovo and Metohija underneath UNSC Resolution 1244, not usually in a contexts of interests of Serbia, though of a segment as a whole as well.

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