Ambassador Filipovic in talks with Chairman of a NATO Military Committee

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Branimir FilipovicAmbassador Branimir Filipovic, Acting Assistant Minister for Security Policy had talks with Chairman of a NATO Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, who is on a revisit to Belgrade as a member of a NATO commission headed by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, attending a “Srbija 2018” polite puncture margin exercise.

In a talks during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, views were exchanged on a growth of Republic of Serbia-NATO partner cooperation, stream conditions in a segment and Kosovo and Metohija in particular, including liberate of a KFOR mandate, and a serve graduation of discourse during all levels that would minister to a improved bargain and allotment of issues of seductiveness for both sides.

Air Chief Marshal Peach forked out that NATO entirely reputable Serbia’s joining to posterior a process of troops neutrality, and rarely praised a partner team-work carried out so distant between Serbia and NATO during all levels. He remarkable that a talks with a Minister of Defence and a Chief of Army Staff were really petrify and prolific and that he approaching them to continue in a context of common goals of a refuge of assent and stability, graduation of team-work between NATO and a Serbian Army and a achievement of KFOR mandate. He underlined his eagerness to use his benefaction army to support Serbia-NATO partner team-work as most as possible.

Ambassador Filipovic underscored that a side was open to care of all issues in a common interest, forked out a unusually high energetic of a discourse between Serbia and NATO during both a tip and other municipal and troops levels, as good as petrify partner team-work programmes, while also emphasizing Serbia’s unfamiliar process priorities and pivotal confidence process issues. The Ambassador stressed in sold a significance of insurance of Serbs and their informative and eremite birthright in Kosovo and Metohija, and a pivotal purpose played by KFOR both in this context and in securing assent and fortitude in a Province.

The talks during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs were preceded by a assembly of Air Chief Marshal Peach with Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin and with a Chief of General Staff of a Serbian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilovic.

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