Ambassador Oliver Potezica passes away

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oliver-potezicaThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia deeply regrets to surprise a open that, this morning, Ambassador of a Republic of Serbia in Libya Oliver Potezica succumbed to injuries postulated in a automobile pile-up in Tunisia, where he was staying during a ask of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Potezica upheld divided during a Sousse hospital. Due to a obvious conditions in Libya, all unfamiliar embassies accredited in Tripoli eliminated all their financial exchange to Tunisia, as early as a commencement of 2011.

Ambassador Potezica entered Foreign Service on 1 Nov 1978. During his veteran career, he served in Iran, Jordan, Palestine and Libya.

As an unusual expert of a Islamic world, a defunct Ambassador clinging his whole career to a Middle East segment and that, as a rule, coincided with a many severe times that these territories had undergone.

Owing to his joining and an authentically spontaneous and honestly tellurian proceed to a internal community, he successfully cracked a enmity opposite Serbia that was resolutely secure in these territories in a 1990s, as good as a stereotypes about a Serbs and Serbia.

While in Belgrade, he stayed in hold with this segment by reading books, publications and articles from a margin of general relations, unfamiliar affairs, story of tact and mostly relating to a issues of Islam and a Middle East. He was a member of a Serbian Journalists’ Association, Secretary General of a Centre for Religious Studies and Religious Tolerance, President of a Friendship Society between Serbia and Libya, Vice-President of a Yugoslav-Arab Friendship Society, member of a Managing Board of a Serbia-Iran Friendship Society and a Honorary President of a Serbia-Palestine Friendship Society.

Sharing, during this formidable moment, a grief of Ambassador Potezica’s family and friends, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all a employees are wakeful that they have mislaid a co-worker who not usually dedicated his whole life to a tactful service, though who also became partial of it and identified himself with a Foreign Service of his nation and a interests.

The commemorative assembly will be hold during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The date will be dynamic subsequently.

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