Argentina to say a scrupulous position to belong to general law, ancillary a territorial firmness of Serbia

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had talks currently in Buenos Aires with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina Jorge Marcelo Faurie.

After a meeting, Minister Dacic emphasized that Serbia and Argentina were dual accessible countries as good as that Argentina would say a scrupulous position to belong to general law and support a territorial firmness of Serbia.

“Minister Faurie settled clearly that Argentina will not change a position on Kosovo, while Serbia, on a other hand, resolutely supports Argentina’s positions concerning Malvinas in a brawl with Great Britain.”

Minister Dacic stressed a significance of building serve and enhancing a family in other areas of mutual seductiveness as well.

“A park in Belgrade was named after a Argentine Republic, and currently in Buenos Aires a block named after a Republic of Serbia is being rigourously inaugurated, all of that demonstrates a tighten and accessible ties existent between a dual countries.”

Ministers Dacic and Faurie sealed an Agreement between a Republic of Serbia and a Argentine Republic on Trade and Economic Cooperation.

“There is a common seductiveness to foster mercantile cooperation, with unfamiliar trade between us amounting to EUR 18 million in a prior year it is a seductiveness to brand a best probable march of movement for building such cooperation.”

The Head of Serbian tact announced that a Argentinian Minister would revisit Serbia subsequent year, saying that a subsequent year outlines a 90th anniversary of a investiture of tactful family between Argentina and Serbia.

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