Assembly of Donors approves a 8th Regional Housing Programme sub-project to Serbia

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Statement by Acting Assistant Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a 10th assembly of a Regional Housing Programme Steering Board:

Minister Joksimovic,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my honour and pleasure to open a 10th assembly of a Regional Housing Programme Steering Committee.

This year we are imprinting an anniversary of sorts, namely, a 5th anniversary of a Donors’ Conference hold in Sarajevo, that announced a allocation of grants for a doing of a Programme. The appropriation collected during both informal and inhabitant levels, despite significant, are yet a partial of a estimated sum compulsory for a full fulfilment of a Programme and ensuring permanent housing solutions for 27,000 many adversely influenced interloper families, of whom some-more than a half are staying in a Republic of Serbia. So far, over EUR 100 million was earmarked for a nation for a purpose of assembly housing needs of roughly 5,000 interloper families. New hurdles are brazen of us, saying that it is estimated that approximately 7,000 interloper families sojourn in need of permanent housing solutions, that should be carried out in a following 4 years, by both a RHP appropriation and a inhabitant budget.

Allow me to share with we a information that this afternoon a RHP Fund Assembly of Donors authorized a new sub-project to Serbia, eighth in a row, amounting to EUR 19.9 million. This sub-project will be mostly financed by a Regional Housing Programme Fund, and a Republic of Serbia will make an in-kind grant amounting to EUR 1.9 million, by providing land and facilities. The 8th sub-project will be used to financial 358 housing units, 30 prefabricated houses, 250 packages of construction element and 300 encampment houses, that totals 938 housing solutions for those who had fled a Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as refugees. This is glorious news, enlivening us offer to continue a doing of a Programme, and we would like to appreciate a Assembly of Donors, that demonstrated that it famous a needs of refugees by commendatory another sub-project.

Time will be a best decider of what we have achieved so far: a lot of bid was put in, from a credentials of a Programme, collecting a appropriation and building mechanisms, in sequence to embark on petrify fulfilment that has been in full swing. A vital grant to this was done by Serbia’s two-decade prolonged knowledge in addressing interloper problems as good as a doing of good practices grown in team-work with a European Union, UNHCR, OSCE and a U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, to that we denote my gratitude, them being instrumental in achievements achieved so distant in a doing of a Programme. we would like to appreciate a other donors as well, poignant contributors to a Regional Housing Programme Fund and to a Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB), that manages a RHP Fund, as arguable partners creation certain that a RHP achieves best results. It is a wish that financial resources from informal IPA supports will continue to be earmarked for a Regional Housing Programme, deliberation a stress of a routine informal character, a domestic and charitable dimension and a prerequisite that a concerned parties lift out a continual team-work as a Programme is being implemented.

I would also like to appreciate a efficient institutions of a Republic of Serbia, a Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, including a applicable internal authorities, for successfully overcoming all vital and teenager problems, overdue to their unselfish efforts, team-work and non-red-tape thinking, as good as for demonstrating a energy of teamwork.

The Regional Housing Programme now represents one of a biggest construction sites in a Republic of Serbia and a region. In sequence give additional procedure to a Programme, wakeful of a significance of enhancing a prominence of Programme realization, usually this year we have attended 7 events that a media lonesome to symbol several housing solutions being satisfied in opposite manners. we will make my best bid to respond to each invitation in a destiny as well, for we contingency not forget a fact by that we are firm – that several thousand families in a region, a infancy of whom in Serbia, need to be delivered homes by a Regional Housing Programme.

I trust no one has any doubt as to either we will lift out a Programme successfully. Furthermore, temperament in mind a complexity of a fulfilment of a Programme in Serbia, from geographic as good as programming aspects, let me remember that it is critical to honour a set grave deadlines for a execution of a Programme, yet also be picturesque in defining these deadlines, in a context of a complexity of a implementation. We owe this to a destiny end-users who are not means to select when to enter their new homes.

Esteemed participants,

Provision of housing units as such positively can't be a permanent solution, unless a viability of a Programme is ensured, i.e., a infrastructure, amicable and mercantile conditions for a tolerable lapse or formation of a refugees. This is a poignant emanate to that we insert good importance, operative on it for many years. Therefore, aiming to strech a extensive solution, we trust that it is critical that all participants in a Programme consistently exercise all aspects of a Programme itself as good as of a Sarajevo Process. A successful doing of a Programme and a peculiarity team-work between a countries in a segment supplement some-more weight to a significance of a Regional Housing Programme. There were moments when worrying messages could be heard, yet we wish that this duration is behind us and that we will conduct to jointly denote that we can, by dedicated work and cooperation, successfully solve open issues of a past, minister to a settlement process, a fortitude and wealth of a region. we wish that we will persevere in consistently implementing a Sarajevo Process and a Programme, that also embody full fulfilment of acquired rights, including a right to a pension. This is an critical constituent partial of a Programme’s sustainability, also reflected in a news prepared by a UNHCR and a OSCE concerning this assembly of a Steering Board.

The Government of a Republic of Serbia sets aside poignant supports and creates efforts to yield assistance to all of these persons, yet there is no elementary fortitude for a problem of displacement. However, a instance of a Regional Housing Programme shows us that it is probable to find a trail to a solution, if there is a good will. This is a really critical message, because, in further to refugees from a former SFRY, staying in a Republic of Serbia are also over 200,000 internally replaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija, and a conditions for their tolerable lapse have not been met even after 18 years have passed. It is a wish that a entrance duration will move about certain developments concerning this issue, and that we will be means to offer solutions to a internally replaced persons, while sportive their rights that they contingency not be deprived of. A successful doing of a Regional Housing Programme gives us all wish that solutions do exist.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Although there is a regard that a tellurian migrant and interloper predicament could obstruct a donors’ courtesy divided from a stream charitable needs, we am deeply assured that a fortitude of a long banishment should be worked on in together with a response to a ongoing crisis. We live in scattered times, being unprotected to countless tellurian hurdles and we have a dignified requirement to be benevolent and never forget to offer assistance to all those who were forced to leave their homes. This relates to both a refugees from a former SFRY, internally replaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija, and to a stream conditions of migrants and refugees, to whom we attempt to make a proxy stay in a nation easier. Even yet their standing is different, all of them are, for a many part, confronting identical hurdles on their mostly dangerous and vulnerable proceed to confidence and improved vital opportunities. we am quite unapproachable of a benevolent proceed showed by a adults and a Government, who did their best to palliate to a refugees and migrants from Asia, Africa and a Middle East their formidable conditions that has not even once been used for daily domestic ends. Such a benevolent proceed is a outcome of a practice with banishment in a prior dual decades, that left a permanent symbol on a countries in a region. The consequences of these events can still be felt today, and a Regional Housing Programme has an critical purpose to play in alleviating them.

As a nation with a long-term knowledge and hundreds of thousands of refugees who found preserve in Serbia during conflicts in a former Yugoslavia in a 1990s, as good as over 200000 internally replaced persons from a domain of Kosovo and Metohija, we mount prepared to minister to tellurian efforts in addressing these issues. The Republic of Serbia also upheld a adoption of a New York Declaration in a United Nations General Assembly in Sep 2016, that represents a essential step forward, along with other tellurian agreements traffic with refugees and migration, a adoption of that is approaching in 2018. The consultations that are underway in New York and Geneva are initial petrify stairs towards their achievement. We trust that a Regional Housing Programme can offer as a good instance of team-work between horde countries and refugees’ countries of origin, together with general partners and donors, both by a pity a practice concerning long banishment challenges, and also in a context of a best practices in a fortitude of banishment problems.

Finally, we would like to appreciate all a participants of a meeting, wishing us during a same time success in a destiny work on a full doing of a Regional Housing Programme.”

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