Bilateral meetings of Minister Dacic on a fringes of a Association of Caribbean States Ministerial Council

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had a series of shared meetings on a fringes of a 22nd Ministerial Council of a Association of Caribbean States (ACS).

Minister Dacic had 13 shared meetings with heads of delegations of ACS Member States and Observer States.

In open and endless talks with member of Argentina, Barbados, Bahamas, Venezuela, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico, St. Lucia, Surinam, Chile and Cuba as a host, a Serbian Foreign Minister sensitive his interlocutors of a ongoing remodel processes in a Republic of Serbia, formula of a discourse between Belgrade and Pristina, and Serbia’s European formation process.

All interlocutors underlined a significance of building team-work with a Republic of Serbia as a executive Western Balkans state.

During their talks, a Serbian Foreign Minister and Foreign Minister of Guatemala Carlos Morales Moscoso identified a entrance activities directed during broadening cooperation, including a lapse revisit by Minister Dacic to Guatemala.

The Ministers exchanged minute information concerning inner domestic and mercantile developments of a dual countries, as good as informal family and team-work in a Balkans, Central America and a Caribbean.

In her review with Minister Dacic, Head of a Jamaican commission Marlene Malahoo Forte, Attorney General of Jamaica, underlined her country’s organisation position per a support of a element of a insurance of territorial firmness and general law, emphasizing, in this context, Jamaica’s support to Serbia and a scrupulous policy.

The Jamaican Attorney General underlined that it was critical not to emanate precedents by holding uneven stairs in defilement of a simple beliefs ruling general relations. She also upheld serve graduation and deepening of shared domestic and mercantile team-work between a dual countries.

Minister Dacic forked out that team-work on a multilateral turn was really meaningful, that domestic family were good, though that it was required to give an procedure to a encouragement of mercantile cooperation, as good as team-work in a fields of culture, preparation and sports.

Minister Dacic had talks with a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of a Dominican Republic, in assign of general trade team-work and development, Jugo Francisco Rivera Fernandez.

Both sides assessed during a talks that there were immeasurable possibilities for building and enhancing their bilateral, domestic and mercantile ties.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of a Dominican Republic due a convening of a assembly of businessmen from a dual countries, and a signing of intergovernment agreements on a growth of mercantile cooperation.

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