Bilateral domestic consultations between a Serbian Foreign Ministry and a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a State of Kuwait

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Kuvajt -_konsultacijeA turn of shared domestic consultations between a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a State of Kuwait was hold currently in Belgrade, headed on a Serbian side by State Secretary Nemanja Stevanovic, and on a Kuwaiti side by Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Suleiman Al Jarallah.

The consultations presented an event to take batch of a stream conditions in a shared family between Serbia and Kuwait and brand prospects for serve growth of a cooperation.

Both sides estimated that a family were traditionally good and friendly, though that it was required to boost a energetic of shared visits and deposit additional efforts directed during compelling mercantile cooperation, by lifting a turn of trade and investments.

To this end, a interlocutors concluded on a need to reactivate a Joint Committee for Cooperation in Trade and Economy between a dual states.

State Secretary Stevanovic and Deputy Minister Al Jarallah also exchanged views on a ongoing crises in a wider Middle East segment as good as on other general issues.

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