Briefing hold forward of a general discussion “Euro-Asian Energy Security Forum”

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FilipovicThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia hosted a lecture for member of tactful missions from both European and Asian countries and for delegations of general organizations in a Republic of Serbia, forward of an general discussion “Euro-Asian Energy Security Forum”, scheduled to take place between 26/27 Oct 2018. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Belgrade University Faculty of Security Studies and a Energypact Foundation will co-organize this general event.

The lecture was hold by a Acting Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Security Policy, Ambassador Branimir Filipovic with a assemblage of member of other co-organizers: Professor Dr. Vladimir Cvetkovic, Dean of a Faculty of Security Studies, Ms. Jasmina Hadziabdic, Special Advisor to a Minister of Mining and Energy in assign of general team-work and Mr. Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, President of a Energypact Foundation.

The concentration was on a activities carried out so distant in credentials of a discussion directed during removing together bureaucratic zone member – from a domain of unfamiliar affairs and energy, companies and other business circles, academia and polite multitude from countries belonging to a regions of Europe and Asia.

The discussion on day one is envisaged to be non-stop by Minister of Mining and Energy of a Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Antic, while First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic is due to give a keynote debate on day two. The panels will cruise a array of subjects regarding to a modalities of appetite and other forms of team-work in a Eurasian space, overdue to a appearance of venerable panellists from a invited countries and general organizations, and a stream appetite confidence issues in a pronounced space, that can minister to a improved bargain of opposite aspects of appetite security, trimming from unfamiliar routine to development, while seeking a best indication for general team-work during opposite levels.

The arriving discussion aims to launch a routine of entertainment pivotal general actors, that would outcome in a array of follow-up conferences in other countries in a Eurasian space, in sequence to inspire team-work and bargain in Eurasia, in a context of several unifying processes in a region, to cruise issues of corner interest, plead opposite aspects of appetite security, raise a confidence of appetite reserve and infrastructure and open a new channel of communication between a supervision and NGO sectors, in a seductiveness of ancillary fortitude and mercantile development.

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