Children of Vukovar revisit a Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a eve of their initial class of school

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Within a horizon of countless events imprinting Europe Day, when doors of institutions are traditionally opened, and opposite activities and meetings organized, clinging to assent and oneness among European countries, an unusually vast “delegation” of 126 Vukovar children, accompanied by 14 teachers, visited a Museum of Diplomacy, during a Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia, during a Doors Open Day. After a revisit by “Vuk Karadzic” Elementary School of Kraljevo, underneath a programme “When we grow up, we will be a diplomat”, this is a initial and many large orderly revisit of children from a region.

Assistant Foreign Minister Aca Jovanovic welcomed a children, sketch courtesy to this year’s 72nd anniversary of finale World War II by feat over fascism, and a 67th anniversary of rising a beginning for a first of today’s European Union, after a destructions and predicament of a WWII, underlining that children are an decoration and wish for a improved world.

Wishing them a worry-free and a happy childhood, he emphasized that a dual critical events in European story are quite poignant as a miracle in a family of European countries, opening a highway to formulating a village of nations in a continent where both universe wars started. Assistant Minister Jovanovic wished them to grow adult with European values and a birthright of tellurian civilization, including children’s and tellurian rights. Drawing courtesy to this year’s UNICEF 70th anniversary, he announced that, in early autumn, a Museum of Diplomacy will classify a open harangue on children’s rights, and a UNICEF Exhibition, that they will be invited also to attend, and that is being prepared by a Director of UNICEF Office in Belgrade, Michel Saint Lot, evident descendent of mythological Ambassador of Haiti Emile Saint Lot, who presented a Universal Declaration on Human Rights to a UN General Assembly, on 10 Dec 1948.

At a end of their visit, before departure, a children designed messages with their wishes for Minister Ivica Dacic, on a arise of Europe Day, that will be framed and exhibited in a Museum of Diplomacy, while Ambassador Dr. Ljiljana Niksic awarded them gifts donated by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including design books “Cyrillic Alphabet Heroes” and “A Purple Story of Lilac Days” about Helen of Anjou and Uros Nemanjic, followed by gifts supposing by a Institute for Textbooks, and a Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

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