Close and accessible family between Serbia and a Czech Republic and a need for their deepening in all areas

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Dacic and Ms. Ivana HlavsovaFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic perceived currently Ambassador of a Czech Republic Ivana Hlavsova, who is about to move her goal in a Republic of Serbia to an end, after this month.

In a considerate talks, both sides remarkable a prolonged story and tradition of a tighten and accessible family between a dual countries, stressing a need for their deepening and serve strengthening in all areas of common interest.

The officials remarkable that they were gratified with a clever continued domestic discourse carried out between a dual countries during all levels, conveying their willingness to pursue it serve in a destiny as well.

Minister Dacic voiced his thankfulness for a clever support extended by a Czech Republic to a European formation of a Republic of Serbia, as good as his expectancy that it would be confirmed serve along Serbia’s negotiating routine towards EU membership.

Ambassador Ivana Hlavsova privately thanked Minster Dacic for a cooperation, stressing that, in further to really good family between a dual countries and team-work with Serbian officials and institutions, her reign here was also noted by a certainty in a clever holds of loyalty existent between a dual countries and peoples.

Minister Dacic underlined his faith that this year’s 100th anniversary of a investiture of tactful family between a afterwards Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and afterwards Czechoslovakia, to be celebrated jointly, would benefaction an event to underscore once again a stress of Serbia’s shared family with a Czech Republic and a Slovak Republic.

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