Dacic: “Aligning with a sanctions opposite Russia is not a matter of elementary routine for Serbia”

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Dacic fotoFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic underlined that he did not know a matter done by a high central of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office Michael Roth, who pronounced that if Serbia was dynamic to form partial of a European Union, and not of Russia, Germany would support it in this direction.

“Serbia and Russia have been normal friends, though when has Serbia announced a goal of being a partial of Russia? What kind of vulgarization of Serbia’s unfamiliar routine is this?

For Serbia, aligning with a EU sanctions opposite Russia is not a matter of a elementary routine of harmonizing a unfamiliar routine with a EU, this a critical emanate for us, since Russia is a nation that opposes a approval of “Kosovo’s” autonomy in a United Nations, while a Western countries, irrespective of a Brussels dialogue, are doing all in their energy to make everybody else commend Kosovo.

Which nation would work to a possess disadvantage? Serbia will positively not be one of them. And when it comes to a barbarous membership criteria, we have seen that a nation that has diminished some-more than 200 thousand Serbs and that has not authorised them to return, that is banning a Cyrillic script, that is rehabilitating Fascists and denying a Holocaust, is currently restraint Serbia on a European path. Are these a criteria met by Croatia?

We are used to being told by all to bear gushing and confront a possess past, though will anyone tell a same to Zagreb, Pristina, Sarajevo, or is it usually indifferent for Belgrade?

I am really gratified with a growth of a shared family and with Germany’s support, though a comments done by Mr. Michael Roth are out of place and insulting, to contend a least.”

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/15695-dacic-aligning-with-the-sanctions-against-russia-is-not-a-matter-of-simple-process-for-serbia