Dacic: “Cooperation within a Berlin routine critical to a whole region

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated currently in a Western Balkan Six Ministerial assembly in Skopje.

“The Meeting of Foreign and Energy Ministers was reason in Skopje, today, within a beginning maturation in opposite areas in a horizon of a Berlin Process, relating to a Western Balkans. The assembly was reason in a context of a preparations for a summit, to be reason in Trieste, on 12 July.

As regards Ministers of Foreign Affairs, it was concluded that unchanging meetings be reason each 6 months, directed during deliberating all open issues. It was serve concluded that common interests be sought, while insisting together on closer mercantile connectivity of a whole region, and seeking, on a informal level, also a common seductiveness in a talks with other countries and organizations, including a EU.

In this respect, we have a regard in a destiny of a Berlin Process and a developments following a Summit in Italy, for we trust that a appearance of pivotal EU member countries could play an critical purpose in contributing to a accelerated EU formation of a Western Balkans.

An seductiveness was shown by a United Kingdom to horde a subsequent meeting. Although it is by no means for us to confirm either this will or will not materialize, temperament in mind a preference of a United Kingdom to leave a EU, we would though like to see it as a long-term routine paving a approach to a European formation of not usually Serbia though a whole region, with a timeline that would be appealing to a segment as a whole.

Against a backdrop of several hurdles on a global, shared and informal level, it is rarely critical to reason meetings, have discussions and residence all superb issues by dialogue, that has been a underlying reason for a success of a assembly here in Skopje,” a Foreign Minister stated.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/16182-dacic-cooperation-within-the-berlin-process-important-to-the-entire-region