Dacic: “Developing team-work in trade and economy, university and informative team-work between Serbia and Canada is many important”

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic, on a final day of his revisit to Canada, met with his counterpart, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs of Canada Stephane Dion.

The Canadian Minister voiced his compensation with a revisit paid by Minister Dacic, highlighting a accessible family between a dual countries. He underscored that both sides famous a intensity for their serve promotion, by building team-work in trade and economy, university and informative team-work in a future. The Minister also forked out that a existent shared agreements between a dual countries were a good basement for serve cooperation.

Given that a dual Ministers sealed a Declaration of Intent per a Air Transport Agreement, both sides voiced wish for a early conclusion, by a finish of this year or in a initial half of 2017. Furthermore, it was remarkable that a signing of an Air Transport Agreement would foster a ties between a dual countries.

In a meeting, an open sell of views took place concerning both shared and stream general issues. The interlocutors discussed Serbia’s 2015 OSCE Chairmanship, Serbia’s purpose in a region, European integration, a dual countries’ family with NATO and a Russian Federation.

Minister Dion was gratified to accept a invitation to revisit Serbia. Mutual eagerness was reliable to urge domestic dialogue, a Canadian side expressing a bargain for a Republic of Serbia’s arguments per a visa restrictions now imposed by Canadaagainst Serbia.

The Canadian side voiced willingness to extend a full support to a nation in a doing of remodel processes on a European path.

Minister Dacic yesterday took partial in a initial assembly of a Friendship Group for Cooperation with Serbia in a Parliament of Canada, a Chair of that is Senator Larry Campbell, and a Deputy Chair MP Bob Bratina, who is of Serbian descent. The Parliamentary Friendship Group comprises 16 members entrance from both houses of Canadian Parliament.

The group’s Chair, Senator Campbell, voiced his compensation with a revisit paid by a Head of Serbian tact and with his appearance in a initial initial assembly of a Group, on that arise it was reconvened in a new Parliament, deliberation that Canadian unchanging sovereign parliamentary elections were hold on 19 Oct 2015.

The Parliamentary Friendship Group voiced willingness to actively rivet in a graduation of a Republic of Serbia and origination of a certain picture in Canadian society. At a same time, willingness was voiced for support in a context of serve graduation of parliamentary team-work between a dual countries and identifying mutual interests to minister to a altogether graduation of relations.

Minister Dacic voiced his compensation with a revisit to Canada, a initial in 14 years, in a year when a dual countries were imprinting a 75th anniversary of a investiture of tactful relations. The Minister forked to a significance of substantiating a unchanging discourse that would minister to a improved mutual bargain and, in this context, invited members of a Group to revisit Serbia. Establishment of a approach and unchanging team-work between a loyalty groups of both countries’ parliaments would minister to deepening a existent team-work and defining petrify forms of destiny cooperation.

Minister Dacic underlined that a family with Canada were rarely critical to Serbia, adding that a unchanging domestic discourse would minister to a improved bargain with a aim of lifting a accessible family between a dual countries to a aloft level.

Yesterday, Minister Dacic also met with Mr. Andrew Leslie, Chief Government Whip in a Parliament of Canada. On this occasion, a Minister voiced his thankfulness for Mr. Leslie’s personal rendezvous and vocalization out during a predicament in a domain of a former SFRY, contributing to a general village being sensitive some-more objectively about a developments in a field, that was of sold significance for Serbia.

The Head of Serbian tact sensitive Mr. Leslie of a problems a adults of Serbia were confronting when requesting for a Canadian visa. He forked to a Serbian diaspora in Canada being countless as good as to a rigidness of Canada’s visa process in this context. The Minister remarkable in sold a significance of invalidating Article 35 of Canada’s Immigration Act 1999.

Building on a accessible family between Mr. Andrew Leslie and member of a Serbian village vital in Canada, Minister Dacic invited him to revisit Serbia. The Chief Government Whip was gratified to accept a invitation, stressing that he would privately make a box for overcoming a barriers imposed on Serbia underneath a Canadian visa regime.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/15923-dacic-developing-cooperation-in-trade-and-economy-university-and-cultural-cooperation-between-serbia-and-canada-is-most-important