Dacic: EU Strategy for a Adriatic and Ionian Region encourages team-work and investment for a advantage of all holding partial in it.

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Catania 2018Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic during a Adriatic and Ionian Council /EUSAIR Ministerial Meeting hold in Catania, Italy:

Mr. Secretary General,
Fellow Ministers,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me good pleasure that we have collected now in Catania and to have a event to take batch of a corner activities over a past year in a Adriatic and Ionian region.

I would like to appreciate a Italian Republic for providing comforts for a stream AIC assembly in an extended format along with EUSAIR Ministers, reaffirming once again that a Strategy is an fit synergy resource enabling even some-more suggestive team-work among EU Member States, EU Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries.

The Republic of Serbia expects that a loyal achievements of a informal team-work be done manifest and available, overdue to macro-regional EU Strategies for a Danube Region and a Adriatic and Ionian Region, to all adults in a region. In that respect, we are now prepared to concentration some-more courtesy on specific projects to be implemented by a Action Plan of a EU Strategy for a Adriatic and Ionian Region.

The Report of a European Commission on a doing of macro-regional strategies expelled in Dec 2016, a 2017 Opinion of a European Committee of a Regions and a latest European Parliament fortitude adopted this year have mostly identified evident challenges.

Priorities set for ride and appetite sectors need to be concurrent with a initiatives launched in other fora (“the Berlin Process”, “the Visegrad Group”, Energy Community, etc.) so that they be seen as interrelated rather than as nonessential duplication and overlapping.

I would like to indicate to really poignant stairs taken given a final AIC Ministerial Meeting, stairs that valid a potency of tighten team-work indication between a participating States and a European Commission towards effective doing of a EU Strategy for a Adriatic and Ionian Region:

• A new turn of EUSAIR Thematic Steering Groups in 2017 and a initial half of 2018 has been finished successfully, so fulfilling a expectations of a European Commission and all EUSAIR stakeholders in terms of substantiating organic government structures within a Strategy;

• Within ADRION transnational program, 34 projects were agreed, while partners from Serbia are holding partial in 13 of them. This non-stop adult a probability for a States participating in a Strategy to clearly transparent ideas by projects of aptitude to a expansion of sold States and of a segment as a whole.

We are assured that a EU Strategy for a Adriatic and Ionian Region will start enlivening team-work and investment to a advantage of all holding partial in it, while creation a full grant to assent and confidence in a whole region.

I would now like to prominence some certain formula achieved by a Republic of Serbia in a before year. With a projected expansion of over 4 per cent, my nation has available a third uninterrupted surplus, while open debt has been reduced to reduction than 58 per cent which, let me recall, was a requirement set out in a Maastricht Treaty. Unemployment rate fell from roughly 26 to 13 per cent. Unemployment of immature people forsaken from 51 to 33 per cent. Industrial outlay in Jan 2018 has increasing by 10.6 per cent compared to Jan 2017 and altogether unfamiliar trade sell by 39.1 per cent compared to a same duration final year. With EUR 450 million in unfamiliar proceed investments, usually in a initial dual months of 2018, Serbia is being usually ranked high on several general lists according to investment security, competitiveness and palliate of doing business.

Contributing to a strengthening of informal cooperation, R. Serbia has clinging sold courtesy to a activities carried out in a horizon of a supposed Berlin Process. Serbia has upheld a doing of informal projects jointly concluded during final year’s Western Balkans Summit in Trieste, quite those associated to infrastructure, girl investment as good as expansion of intensity new corner projects in other sectors aiming to urge a critical customary in a segment before to rigourously entering a EU.

Serbia advocates coordination and fixing of expansion policies and skeleton directed during ride and appetite connectivity of this partial of Europe with a European Union, in a proceed ensuring a synchronized and entirely aligned approach, as good as embracing good practices adopted within mixed informal initiatives, informal structures and organizations. We trust that a macro-regional inlet of a European Union proceed is means to yield present support in a form of imagination and appropriation for operations, that is quite critical for states that are now in a routine of EU integration.

We trust that a EU Enlargement Policy is one of a critical instruments of a Union, not usually in a context of stabilizing a segment and underpinning a mercantile prosperity, though also towards achieving fortitude and confidence of a EU as a whole, that was, it is my hope, unquestionably endorsed again during a new EU-WB Summit in Sofia, reflected in a existence that full membership of a EU is a usually vital choice for a Western Balkan partners. Serbia has proven to be an equal and arguable partner to a EU in a progressing years, and we are gratified that this fact was recognized, deliberation a volume of a domestic bid put to that end.

Despite a domestic and mercantile hurdles apparently confronting a EU today, we are assured that a transparent viewpoint of EU membership has been and stays a categorical motorist for a series of remodel processes and certain developments in a region. The Republic of Serbia is committed to a advent routine in a context of that it has non-stop twelve negotiating chapters so far. It is a design to open as many chapters we are prepared for as probable in a shortest timeframe possible, so that a whole bureaucratic administration could concentration on a pivotal and overarching goal, that is, full membership of a European Union.

To Serbia, as good as others in a Western Balkans, an unhindered delay of a formation process, above all a routine of prolonged and formidable reforms, is of pinnacle significance as we communicate a expectancy that undeniable support and bargain will come from all of a EU Member States. A swell done in a EU formation routine by any of us away has a certain impact on all a others in a region.

It is towards a acceleration of a European trail that we commend a multi-faceted significance of a EU Strategy for a Adriatic and Ionian Region: by enhancing a unsentimental doing we have an event to closely concur with a administrations of other participants – EU Member States, claimant and aspirant countries. At a same time, we closely concur with a European Commission, regulating a resource enabling us to second a experts to EC structures – by that we both benefit believe of a EC’s operation and have an event to showcase a ability of professionals operative in a possess bureaucratic administration, as nonetheless another dimension of a combined value of a Strategy for Serbia.

I appreciate a Italian colleagues and friends for a glorious arrangements supposing for a 3rd Forum of a EU Strategy for a Adriatic and Ionian Region – for their work and joining that are in justification all around us. To a friends from Montenegro we wish a successful Chairmanship of a Adriatic and Ionian Initiative in a year ahead. we am assured that, noticed in a broader context, a former, a stream and a subsequent Chairmanship in 2019, will have a poignant impact in a successful fulfilment of activities and projects within a EU Strategy for a Adriatic and Ionian Region, to that a team-work in a Trio Presidency format will also minister in many ways.

Thank we for your attention.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/about-the-ministry/minister/ministry-speeches/17837-dacic-eu-strategy-for-the-adriatic-and-ionian-region-encourages-cooperation-and-investment-for-the-benefit-of-all-taking-part-in-it