Dacic: “Iraq is an critical partner to Serbia”

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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic met currently with Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Iraq Ibrahim Abdul-Kareem Al-Jaafari, who is on a revisit to a Republic of Serbia.

At a press discussion following a meeting, Minister Dacic underlined that Iraq was a really critical mercantile and domestic partner to Serbia, adding that team-work between a dual countries should be extensive in scope. Minister Dacic emphasized that Serbia trustworthy good significance to a graduation of good family with Iraq.

The Head of Serbian tact stressed that Serbia and Iraq had an seductiveness to rise their relations, that a team-work between a dual countries should have a extensive character, travelling from economy, new investment opportunities, troops and counterclaim attention to a complement of education.

“We wish to extend assistance to any other in suitability with a normal accessible relations, dating behind to a time of a SFRY and Tito, and also to foster family in all areas. There are good prospects for a graduation of a relations, as we share a identical story and common interests”, pronounced Dacic thanking a Iraqi Foreign Minister for his country’s scrupulous position of non-recognition of a autonomy of Kosovo, as good as for combating a Islamic State.

Dacic settled that he and his Iraqi reflection concluded on holding unchanging annual meetings.

“Serbia and Iraq are indeed distant from any other, both geographically and in terms disproportion in temperature. But we wish that being in a accessible nation will comfortable Minister Al-Jaafari’s heart”, pronounced a Head of Serbian diplomacy, expressing his compensation with a revisit by his crony and brother, Ibrahim Abdul-Kareem Al-Jaafari.

The dual Ministers sealed a Memorandum of Understanding to trigger domestic consultations on issues of common seductiveness between Serbian and Iraqi Foreign Ministries, as good as an Agreement between a Government of a Republic of Serbia and a Government of a Republic of Iraq on a extermination of visas for holders of tactful and central passports.

Minister Dacic remarkable that this was a initial central revisit by a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq to Serbia, adding that Serbia had been following a conditions in Iraq with uninformed optimism, ancillary a efforts to quarrel a Islamic State.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister remarkable that he discussed with Minister Dacic a accessible family that were of seductiveness for both countries and thanked Serbia for a assistance in Iraq’s quarrel opposite terrorism.

Noting that any nation worldwide might face problems associated to terrorism, Al-Jaafari stressed that Iraq was fighting a Islamic State and terrorism both for a possess consequence and for a consequence of a whole world.

He commented that Iraq called on all universe countries to yield assistance in re-building a country’s infrastructure and to assistance Iraqi adults in outcast to lapse to their country.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/16122-dacic-iraq-is-an-important-partner-to-serbia