Dacic: “It is the enterprise to reanimate domestic family with Ghana”

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Ivica Dacic with Shirley BotchweyFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic had talks currently with a Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of Ghana, Shirley Botchwey, who is on an central revisit to Belgrade.

“Former Yugoslavia and Ghana were among a initial members of a Non-Aligned Movement. Ghana was a initial African nation that gained a autonomy 60 years ago. Next year, we will be imprinting a 60th anniversary of a investiture of tactful family between afterwards Yugoslavia, now Serbia, and Ghana. Representatives of a dual countries, Tito and Nkrumah, were good friends, and we are unapproachable of a story and team-work dating behind to that period”, Minister Dacic underlined.

The Serbian Foreign Minister serve settled that a dual countries wished to reanimate their relations, undermined 6 years ago by Ghana’s preference to commend Kosovo.

“We motionless to reanimate a relations, to revive them to a turn existent during a time of Tito and Nkrumah, and attempt to foster them even further”, emphasized Dacic.

Minister Dacic pronounced that what he had in mind were not usually domestic relations, though mercantile family too, recalling that annual trade between a dual countries, during a time of Yugoslavia, amounted to 80 million US dollars, while totalling usually 10 million US dollars final year.

Dacic conveyed that President Aleksandar Vucic invited to Serbia his co-worker from Ghana, and that an bid would be done to arrange their assembly during a 2018 event of a UN General Assembly.

The Serbian Minister serve pronounced that a preference had been done to reactivate Joint Committees for mutual cooperation, as their final assembly was hold in 1998.

“Friendship needs to be cherished. We wish to assure a friends that we are a arguable partner, always guided by common interests”, Dacic stated.

“It is not a goal to pressurize, and a categorical thesis of a contention is not Kosovo. The preference is theirs, nonetheless we would like them to re-examine a conditions again, as it is distant opposite now, given a resolution is being sought and discourse is underway. We would conclude it if a preference adopted by a prior administration were reconsidered”, Dacic underscored.

Minister Botchway thanked a horde for a comfortable welcome, underlining that Ghana wished to revive former family with a friends. Botchwey serve settled that Ghana was meddlesome in carrying good family with Serbia, as it deliberate Serbia an ally, and that there were many areas for serve cooperation, to a advantage of a people of a dual countries.

“Ghana will really re-examine a formerly adopted preference concerning a approval of a uneven stipulation of Kosovo’s independence”, settled Minister Shirley Botchwey.

“I know that a adopted preference was an barrier to a growth of a relations. But we are here”, underlined a Foreign Minister of Ghana, recalling that a preference on a approval of Kosovo’s UDI was done by a former Government.
Ministers Dacic and Botchwey sealed currently a Memorandum of Understanding concerning domestic consultations.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/18068-dacic-it-is-our-desire-to-revitalize-political-relations-with-ghana