Dacic, Lavrov: “Readiness to serve strengthen vital family between a dual countries”

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Dacic LavrovMinisters of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia and of a Russian Federation, Ivica Dacic and Sergey Lavrov, addressed now academics and students on a premises of a Belgrade University Rector’s Office.

Minister Dacic sent out a summary that, given a stream general relations, it was required to pursue a unaffected unfamiliar process directed during fortifying Serbia’s state interests that is, he explained, closely associated to a Serbian – Russian relations.

“Serbia, today, can't urge a national, state interests though Russian assistance”, Dacic underlined.

The Serbian Foreign Minister settled that it was a good honour for Serbia to applaud a festival anniversary of Serbian – Russian tactful relations, graced by a participation of Sergey Lavrov, one of Serbia’s “greatest and best friends” worldwide.

He removed a centuries-long family between a dual countries, dating behind to a initial breakthroughs of Christianity into a territories of today’s Russia and Serbia.

“We are now confronting pressures by some countries to align with a sanctions opposite Russia, or to opinion opposite Russia in general organizations. It should be transparent to everybody that, since of a possess interests, not usually dignified though rational, state interests too, Serbia contingency never pursue an anti-Russian process – and it will never do that”, stressed a Serbian Foreign Minister.

Minister Lavrov forked out that his nation appreciated Serbia’s eccentric and multi-directional unfamiliar process course, and that it stood prepared to strengthen a vital family with Serbia.

Minister Lavrov emphasized that his nation would continue to support Serbia’s positions concerning a refuge of inhabitant government and integrity, and honour of UNSC fortitude 1244.

As regards Serbia’s European integration, a Russian Foreign Minister voiced self-assurance that Serbia would advantage from a team-work both with a EU and a Eurasian Union.

The universe was changing, and we were declare to a presentation of new centres of power, while an augmenting series of countries were committing themselves to a useful unfamiliar process formed on their possess interests”, pronounced Minister Lavrov.

Closing their statements, a dual Ministers sent messages that Serbia would never pursue an anti-Russian policy, and that central Moscow appreciated Serbia’s eccentric unfamiliar policy.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/17471-dacic-lavrov-readiness-to-further-strengthen-strategic-relations-between-the-two-countries