Dacic: “Prime Minister Vucic’s activities give an procedure to Serbia’s flourishing general reputation

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DACIC“Activities and meetings of Prime Minister Vucic in Davos, and his countless talks with vital universe leaders, have not usually done a poignant grant to Serbia’s general reputation, though are essential to assent and fortitude in a region.

Unlike some other actors in a region, Prime Minister Vucic and a Serbian Government have demonstrated ardour and shortcoming in addressing good many hurdles confronting them. This reflects a disproportion between those elucidate problems and those saying them as a domestic modus vivendi.

Serbia currently is a convincing and obliged informal cause but that there can be no fortitude or allotment of all problems by dialogue. For these sold reasons, Serbia is respected, while a meetings and activities of Prime Minister Vucic in Davos are a acknowledgment of this”, settled a Serbian Foreign Minister.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/16119-dacic-prime-minister-vucics-activities-give-an-impetus-to-serbias-growing-international-reputation