Dacic: „Serbia had a respect and payoff to offer universe interests as a member of a OSCE Troika over a past 3 years“

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FM Dacic is participating during a 23rd Ministerial Council of a OSCE, that is being hold in Hamburg currently and tomorrow. The categorical topics of this year’s Ministerial Council are a European certainty structure and a stress of arms control, a conditions in and around Ukraine, as good as OSCE’s efforts directed during elucidate a crisis.

The appearance of FM Dacicat this year’s MC is of special significance, given that Serbia, as a prior Chair, is withdrawal a OSCE Troika format.

You can find FM Dacic’s constituent residence here:


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Frank Walter,

Let me start by thanking a German Chairmanship and a Chairman-in-Office, Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, for their untiring efforts over a past year and for hosting us here in a smashing Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

We have collected here during a Ministerial Council Meeting again, a year after a Belgrade Meeting. During a march of this year, we have been operative tough to try to replenish dialogue, reconstruct trust and revive security. Nevertheless, we are still faced with critical and formidable problems, unsolved conflicts and new threats. Despite all a attempts in a past year to find solutions for some of these problems, we are, dear colleagues, still distant from accomplishing that goal.

At a same time, a Organization continued to actively perform underneath a committed Chairmanship, with a sold concentration on a strengthening of a capacities and thr predicament response resource in Eastern Ukraine. We had suggestive discussions on opposite and critical issues, such as emigration flows, rebellious terrorism and radicalization, dispute cycle – to discuss usually a few. We would also like to appreciate Frank-Walter for his arms control initiative. These efforts are a best indicator of a stress of a Organization, as good as of a need to take common action. Our knowledge teaches us that a OSCE, as a height for dialogue, though with coherence and operational capabilities in opposite margin operations, is an indispensable instrument for addressing common certainty challenges.

At a same time, it is transparent that a OSCE, as a informal arrangement underneath Chapter VIII of a Charter of a United Nations, should act on a basement of full honour of a beliefs and commitments deriving from a pivotal documents, essentially a Helsinki Final Act.

The many critical and many critical challenge, that brought into doubt a common security, is a predicament in and around Ukraine. Serbia has supposing active and unchanging support to a OSCE’s purpose in addressing a crisis, quite to a Special Monitoring Mission, that is a many manifest component of OSCE predicament response.  There is no choice to a domestic resolution for this conflict, and we support all efforts towards full doing of Minsk Agreements. We also entirely support a work of a Trilateral Contact Group and a Working Groups, as good as a efforts of a Normandy Format.

I am assured that a participating States should act joined in strengthening a Organization’s capacities in a dispute cycle, including from a knowledge we gained in Ukraine, in sequence to capacitate a best proceed to a long and rising conflicts in a OSCE area.

Allow me to prominence a hurdles stemming from a emigration and interloper flows that are of critical concern, inspiring many participating States and going over sold segment or route. Being in a really midst of a supposed “Western-Balkans emigration route”, Serbia alone has been faced with some-more than 900,000 refugees and migrants transiting by a domain given a conflict of this crises to a present, formulating critical weight for a capacities.

Thus, emigration and refugees flows need equal joining of all of us to safeguard that responses to a ongoing crises approve with a sold general obligations, including a applicable OSCE commitments. we strongly trust that after many discussions we had in a past dual years, participating States should be means to adopt a consensus-based request and send a transparent summary on a stress of this issue.

Terrorist acts in a OSCE area and a area are clear reminders that rebellious terrorism in all a forms and manifestations, as good as aroused extremism and radicalization that leads to terrorism contingency sojourn among a tip priorities of a Organization, with commitments of all participating States to completely reject any militant act and to join a efforts in combating this scourge.

Mr Chairman,

I would like to take this event to echo once again Serbia’s vital course towards European integration. We are initial and inaugural meddlesome in offer building informal fortitude by dialogue, assent and reconciliation. We have to demeanour towards a destiny and mercantile and altogether prosperity, in sold towards youth, and a some-more extensive and cultivatable team-work on a corner European path.

Let me also underline a joining towards a EU-led discourse with Priština and to a doing of all agreements reached so far, in sold on a investiture of a Community of Serb Municipalities. We trust that an open and honest discourse is a usually approach to urge a bland lives of a people vital in Kosovo and Metohija.

In a final 3 years we had a respect and payoff to offer in a seductiveness of a Organization as a Troika member and to chair a Organization in 2015. This duration was noted by countless certainty challenges, causing tensions, distrust and insecurity. Lack of certainty and trust is a critical barrier to a functioning of a Organization.  We strongly trust that, regardless of a stream domestic impulse and a problems we are facing, and regardless of all a differences, a functioning of a Organization and a institutions should be a primary goal, including a adoption of a pivotal decisions. There are a lot of dire issues and opposite topics that we should combine in rebellious and that we should use to denote a ability to work together. In this regard, we need to uncover a shortcoming and try to overcome a differences and revive certainty and trust.

In conclusion, we would like to extend a thankfulness to a effusive German Chairmanship and oath a full support to a incoming Austrian Chairmanship.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/about-the-ministry/minister/ministry-speeches/16006-dacic-serbia-had-the-honor-and-privilege-to-serve-world-interests-as-a-member-of-the-osce-troika-over-the-past-three-years