Dacic: Serbia will not give adult on dire charges opposite Haradinaj or anyone else who committed crimes opposite a Serbian people

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dacic -_nedeljnikFirst Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic assessed that a matter done by Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati showed that a hint of Albanian process was that a crimes opposite a Serbs were authorised and that discourse usually served a purpose of serve confirmation of Kosovo’s independence.

“This is an insult for all a victims of KLA/UÇK, as a outcome of whose crimes we recently saw a investiture of a Special Court, too.

Serbia favours a constructive discourse though will not be intimidated and have anyone commanding conditions on it or degrading it. Abuse laid during a doorway of Mr. Aleksandar Vucic since of his position on Haradinaj uncover to what border Albania doesn’t caring about carrying good family with Serbia. If Vucic, as Mr. Bushati put it, lives in a past, in what kind of a dim cavern do a Albanian politicians in Albania and Kosovo live? That is because they motionless to sequence a Albanian emigrants to criticism in front of a Serbian and French tactful and consular missions in a world, as they did currently in New York.

In further to this, we have perceived confidence comprehension to a outcome that members of a Albanian Diaspora are formulation to force Serbia into relinquishing a ask that Haradinaj be tried, by attack some of a tactful and consular missions possibly in a United States or in Europe. This information has been upheld on to military and confidence services of a pronounced countries and to all Serbian tactful and consular missions that have been educated to take surety insurance measures. This proves what Albanian politicians are able of – even of resorting to terrorism.

Serbia forewarns all countries that they are obliged for a confidence of a Serbian missions, and it draws a courtesy of a Albanian politicians not to play with glow and that Serbia will strengthen a interests. Serbia will not give adult on dire charges opposite Haradinaj or anyone else who committed crimes opposite a Serbian people. The Serbian people, like any other, deserves justice.”

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/16098-dacic-serbia-will-not-give-up-on-pressing-charges-against-haradinaj-or-anyone-else-who-committed-crimes-against-the-serbian-people