Dacic: “The differences of views between a Republic of Serbia and Pristina still great”

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Optimized-sednica sb_un_25820162First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of a Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic participated currently in a assembly of a United Nation’s Security Council clinging to UNMIK’s work.

After a meeting, a Serbian Foreign Minister settled that a good differences of views between a Serbian and Pristina delegations were still there during today’s UN Security Council meeting, hold any 3 months underneath Resolution 1244.

“We insisted on a unchanging interpretation of SCR 1244, we also insisted that a Brussels discourse could be hold usually if it had a neutral status, distinct Pristina that always regards these sessions as an event to make fabrications and benefaction views that Kosovo is a full emperor state. By doing so, it violates Resolution 1244, and this is also reflected during any Council assembly in a calls of some countries mouth-watering other countries to join in a approval of a unilaterally admitted autonomy of Kosovo.

At a really beginning, we pronounced we approaching Pristina to continue with a promotion slogans and lies this time again. we acted in allege a few questions, clearly display that a information and assertions presented by them were fake and fabricated. They constantly pronounce about genocide and racial clarification of Albanians. When we demeanour during a numbers and statistics, that is damning, we comprehend that it was indeed Serbs who were ethnically cleansed.

There are probably no Serbs in a biggest cities of Kosovo and Metohija. In 1981, there were some-more than 40,000 Serbs in Pristina, and there are usually a few hundred left today. In other cities, Urosevac, Podujevo, Gnjilane, Prizren, they are even fewer in numbers.

We forked out that we wanted a constructive dialogue, though for that discourse to occur all sides contingency initial exercise what was concluded in Brussels.

The Kosovo side does not exercise what was concluded in Brussels, even US Vice President Biden pronounced in Pristina that Kosovo Albanians contingency work on combining a Community of Serbia Municipalities, and we have also insisted on it.

It is engaging that many countries wish these meetings of a UN Security Council to take place reduction frequently. This is encouraged by a enterprise to take this emanate off a UN agenda. That is since we say a high turn of a member who pronounce during these meetings, and we insist that these meetings be hold quarterly, since it shows that a United Nations is still an critical cause as distant as a conditions in Kosovo and Metohija is concerned,” pronounced Minister Dacic.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/press-service/statements/15624-dacic-the-differences-of-views-between-the-republic-of-serbia-and-pristina-still-great