Dacic: "The European Union is not finish but a Balkan region"

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Statement by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic during a Western Balkans Summit in Trieste:

Dear Minister Alfano,
Dear Colleagues,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my graphic pleasure to have a event to attend another Western Balkans Summit. The poignant swell achieved given Aug 2014 assures me of a full joining of us all to this process. Enhanced informal team-work and projects concluded with a support of a EU partnering countries inspire us to concentration a efforts on a fulfilment of serve formula and full use of a supposing potentials.

We rarely conclude a financial grant by a European Union and a Member States to a Western Balkans region. The many EU-funded projects capacitate stronger team-work and connectivity within a region, so contributing to a European formation process.

I trust that we are all wakeful of a significance of progressing informal fortitude and overcoming a problems of a past. Serbia will continue to contribute, by a constructive approach, to stealing obstacles, gripping a assent and compelling team-work in a region. It is high time that we focused on identifying common interests rather than on power mutual differences and looking for culprits, for this trail would lead us to an abyss. The Berlin routine has enabled us to embark on a converging of a informal infrastructure network and serve alleviation of transport, appetite and mercantile connectivity, as good as on fostering girl cooperation. At a time when a EU Member States are re-examining a operation of a EU as a top probable turn of informal formation a universe has ever known, Serbia and a Balkans see a EU as a successful entity, whose member we wish to become. It is, therefore, intensely critical to accept an additional pull from a EU by providing a some-more graphic timeline for a European formation path.

I am assured that today’s capitulation of a Multi-annual Action Plan on Regional mercantile area by a Prime ministers will be in a common critical interest. Economic connectivity will have a certain impact on a domestic developments, as well. In this way, we will strengthen a economies and improved prepared ourselves for EU accession. This will outcome in a region’s larger lure to power investors, increasing mercantile growth, origination of some-more new jobs, and technological advancement. With this plan, we will raise a trade capacities and safeguard competitiveness on a tellurian market. A some-more surpassing mercantile formation is promulgation out a transparent domestic message, demonstrating that a topping of superb problems is in a common seductiveness of all.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Just a few weeks ago, a new Government was commissioned in Serbia, yet a priorities have not altered – membership of a European Union stays a country’s categorical vital goal. The wide-ranging reforms Serbia has been implementing in many sectors clearly prove a aim to urge a peculiarity of life of a adults and, during a same time, settle clever institutions with their work grounded in approved beliefs and full confluence to a order of law. So far, Serbia has non-stop 10 negotiating chapters and it is a expectancy that during slightest 3 new chapters will be non-stop until a finish of a year. This is positively a outcome estimable of praise, however, we trust that a accomplishments and loyalty need to be entirely famous as good as that it is required to not usually say a energetic in a advent talks, yet boost it as well. Serbia wholeheartedly supports a merit-based proceed of a European Union, holding into comment particular results. Progress anyone of us creates in a European formation routine should not be a tying factor, yet utterly a opposite, an support to others in a region. In that spirit, we wish that we are going to strech a accord on Belgrade as a chair of a Transport village Treaty, that was assessed as a best claimant and in which, for some-more than a decade, SEETO secretariat successfully works.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to demonstrate my wish that a European Union would continue a active support to a increase policy, namely, one of a many successful policies. We are wakeful that a European Union is now confronting countless hurdles and difficulties, yet a EU knows it usually too good that a fortitude of a segment is pivotal to a fortitude and confidence of a EU. As a convincing partner, we mount prepared to make a difference, quite in addressing a emigration predicament as good as in fighting terrorism, radicalization, aroused extremism and xenophobia. It is usually by a corner and solidary proceed that we will be means to find a durable long-term resolution for a hurdles forward of us. Furthermore, we contingency not disremember a fact that a general sourroundings is fast changing, that new resources have arisen, that aged conflicts are still ongoing and a new ones keep emerging, that a power of heading universe powers’ change is changing, that new powers come to a scene, etc. All these developments have not spared Serbia and a Balkans either, and we have a good will to attend actively in a applicable processes, and even yet a grant might be a common one, a proclivity would be honest.

Seeing a destiny with a EU, we wish that a EU partners would yield us with an event to also minister to a discuss on serve moulding of a EU. The European Union, as a biggest assent plan in complicated history, can't be deliberate finish but a Balkan region, that is a constituent partial geographically, historically, politically and, above all, in terms of common values and culture. This is a categorical summary in a minute that we have ordinarily sent, in a eve of this Summit, to EU High deputy Mogherini, Commissioner Hahn and a homologues in a EU.

Finally, we would like to demonstrate my many frank thankfulness to Italy for all a efforts it invested in a credentials of this Summit hold in Trieste, a city of that we all have lustful memories.

Thank we for your attention.

Article source: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/about-the-ministry/minister/ministry-speeches/16667-dacic-qthe-european-union-is-not-complete-without-the-balkan-regionq